Monday, July 2, 2007

Moon Glow!

Moonlight Showers. Moonlit Dance. Luna's Love. Moon Glow.
The name is still percolating in the brain, but the sculpture is finally done! Last night, the moon and clouds cooperated, and I took a few pictures that might give the effect I want. I can't believe I've had the willpower or patience to keep working on this since the week after Mother's Day. One of the things I really like about lampworking is the immediate satisfaction of seeing a figure or face or design take form. Waiting overnight to see if what comes out of the kiln is what you want is taxing on my patience, but not too bad. This! Now this piece is another story! I made four figures one of the first nights of the oxygen tank experiment, and they just seemed to flow effortlessly albeit not perfectly. Since then, I have made at least four different moons to go at the top of the display stand (and at least one other display stand). None of them were quite right, but they all took time and required me to use up ivory rods when I knew I didn't want to have to order glass anytime soon. . . another bit of patience. It finally came together the other day when I realized the moon was the right idea but I was taking it too literally. Aha! The nesting black freeform beads for the top of the display were born. In my mind's eye, what I see are three goddesses standing below a mystic funnel that catches moonlight and pours it down on them. Now, I've got a four hour drive to Grandma's that will give me lots of thinking time and let me put all that in words for the auction listing!
Happy Monday. . .which would also be the day named in honor of the moon, right? So I guess today is a good day to finish up this project!
Peace, Ang

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