Thursday, July 19, 2007

Of Butterflies and Being

Of Butterflies. . .
Do you see the butterfly pattern in the bark of this tree? I'd never noticed it until about two weeks ago. I'd been worrying about what could be going on healthwise, and my husband decided to tell me to "go downstairs and make a bead and get your mind off of this." So, I went downstairs to the torch. . . and couldn't think of a thing that I wanted to make. I ran back upstairs, grabbed my camera, and headed outside to walk under the trees and look for ideas. This is one of the things I found. It was just above eye level (for a person who's only 5'3"), on the north side of one of the many trees our landlords have behind our house. Isn't it neat, how the bark has grown into the shape of butterfly wings? Who knows what caused it to grow that way? No matter the "how", no matter that there certainly must not have been a "why" on the part of the bark, I think it sends an interesting message to anyone who finds it:

If something halts your growth in one direction, don't let it keep you from growing at all. . .
in fact, why not transform that not so pretty knothole of change in direction into a lovely butterfly in your life history?

. . . and Being

This part may sound strange, coming from a lifelong bookworm who's never felt the urge to be outdoors for any great length of time, so those of you who know me well can just try to bite your tongue and not laugh too hard :) I really like this Elemental Earth goddess statue I made, and she just may mark a shift in my life toward more respect and enjoyment of the earth around us. Now I have this urge to finally find a house, so I can put out lilies and shade plants and hens 'n chicks (the plant, I'm not so sure about having real poultry running around my yard). I wait for the cool breezes so I can sit outside and read my books, hope for low enough temps that we can open the windows instead of using the air conditioning, and am starting to think more about maybe growing my own tomatoes next year (alright, stop laughing, we can all dream, can't we?). The point of all this rambling about an Elemental Earth piece of glass and its effect on me:

Just let yourself "be," let yourself feel the elements, and you will find many things.

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