Sunday, August 12, 2007

Buddha, Another Labyrinth, and Soupie's Trumpet Vine

Out of control!
That goes for me, making so many Buddhas and goddesses and labyrinths out of glass!
That goes for Soupie's trumpet vine, too, growing wildly on and practically over her deck!

Hey, I was running out of my favorite glass colors not too long ago, so keeping my budget in mind I ordered only those favorite colors. Bet you already know what they are: Nile green, light turquoise, dark turquoise, and dark ivory. Yep, I acknowledged my obsession with burning and reducing colors so I can work extra big. . . I know, I know, it's a rut that I don't even want to drive out of right now. You see, those colors just get this wonderful aged look when you really cook and burn 'em. That look just happens to fit perfectly with the spiritual/mystical themes I like to sculpt in glass.
Out of control, I say! Just like Soupie's trumpet vine that keeps on growing a foot every week in this summer heat!

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