Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Compassionate Living

Om Mahne Padme Hum is a Tibetan mantra associated with compassion. It is written, carved, and painted on papers, doors, and flags. Reciting it or reading it invokes the blessings of the compassionate Chenrezig.

The small treasure box you see in this picture has the mantra woodburned on it three times. No special meaning to the number, I just managed to fit it on the box that many times. I put a prayer wheel inspired Buddha bead inside it.

Guess this really doesn't seem like a very thought-provoking or eloquent post so far, but I think I picked that box up for a reason. Actually, I know that I was thinking about compassion, and then I remembered this box and took a picture of it. Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day actually torching, and then I came online to check my usual rounds-- my Yahoo mail, BeadArtists.org, Watch Me Create, and Lampwork Etc. I love to get messages, so Yahoo gets checked frequently. I love to show my glass creations and talk about them, so my BeadArtists page gets daily updates and my spot in the rotation of Watch Me Create is cherished. Doesn't take that long to do those, though, so that leaves Lampwork Etc, aka LE, as my virtual home away from home. . . there are tutorials to read (which helped me when I was starting out), there are show and tells (which are great fun), and there are "rooms" where you can discuss just about anything. I've "met" some of the nicest people there! Yesterday, however, the first thing I read involved someone making unsolicited comments about another person's auction description and picture. Compassion, that's all I'm going to say, C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N. I'm a serious grouchy old grump sometimes, but days like that serve as a useful reminder to me to lighten up and treat other people with a bit of compassion, ya know?

Om mahne padme hum.

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