Friday, August 17, 2007

End of Summer?

Isn't this a cool picture of the clematis vine after the petals have fallen? Summer brings such beauty, but so does the subtle beginning of the transition from summer into fall. Flowers with dwindling blooms leave behind intriguing patterns. A lone brown leaf dangles from the branch of the maple tree. The sound of a light shower reverberates through the drying cornfield, making a smattering of drops sound like a downpour. The air is still hot and heavy, but a stray breeze escapes and touches you briefly as you round a corner.

Here's what's happening around here this Friday:

  • Watch Me Create: Yesterday's post was written by me, all about Masks and Goddesses and Labyrinths. It's fun to go there and read about so many talented bead artists. You can look at our bead pictures bordering the left edge of the page and revel in the variety!
  • Come browse my gallery pages to see all sorts of bead sculptures.
  • Clara's Strolling Garden: The Green Tomato Relish series is a featured page!! Can you tell I'm excited that other people enjoyed the pictures I took while Mother made Green Tomato Relish last week?
  • The Centralia Balloon Fest is this weekend! Yeah! Hot air balloons fill the park, and lots of times the wind carries them all the way out here to Irvington so we can see them up close. Last year, the kiddos and I followed them down some of the back roads out here, parked, sat on the road bank with lots of other people, and waved at the balloon pilots as the floated overhead.

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