Friday, August 3, 2007

Enter the labyrinth.

Trace your fingertip along the path.It winds from front to side to back to side to front again.

The only place it breaks is where a middle line has to cross the mandrel hole.

Pretty cool, huh?
I wrote a bunch about the labyrinth idea yesterday, or at least I wrote some and posted a bunch of links so you could read more if you wanted. I really like this idea for beads, even though I know it has been "done" (and done very well) by other current bead artists (I'm thinking of Teresa from Lavender Creek, and I think JC Herrell probably has done it, too). . . in fact, knowing that plenty of other people have done it made me wait a long time to actually explore this idea. The thing is, when I run across one of those ideas while googling/reading/exploring spiritual or cultural topics, that's when my mind gives it the "okay". That's when I see the big picture and realize that it isn't a topic that any single person would claim as solely their own. Once I can see that, then the ideas come and I can make my own version. And just let me say, hey, memorizing the path and then trying to do it with as long of a stringer as possible is a challenge that appeals to me. . . this is fun!

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