Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Green Tomatoes and Little "Swat" Bees

Hey, check out the little bitty bug trying to suck pollen from the lid of one of Grandma's new jars of green tomato relish! I took some great pictures to share with you later in the week-- all of Grandma making green tomato ketchup or relish. But guess what caught Katie's eye when she saw this pic?? "Quick, Mommy, make it bigger so I can see that 'swat' bee!" It only took me a second to make the connection. We call those little bugs "the sweat-bee looking things that don't sting" for lack of knowing their real name. However, Pop (and the rest of us, too, whether we admit it or not) feels the need to SWAT those things. Voila'!

Hope you're having a fun week yourself!
Peace, Ang

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