Saturday, August 25, 2007

JAVA, I Need Java, and I Don't Mean Coffee!

Okay, well, chances are I could stand another cup of coffee this morning before I deal with this JAVA problem again! Java, the coffee= mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Java, the software that is fighting with my computer and Yahoo Sitebuilder= grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

What's the problem, you ask? Oh, you knew I was going to tell you even if you didn't ask, you know how animated and dramatic I can be when I get mad and frustrated, don't you? Remember the story about me and the bowl of ice cream? No? It's provided a good laugh for everyone in our family for almost twenty years. I came home from work at the pizza parlor one night, mad and hungry. Grabbed a bowl of ice cream, and started talking. . . well, digging the spoon into the ice cream until it scraped the edges of the bowl, and ranting and raving between bites. It wasn't my finest hour, but apparently it was very entertaining :)

Suffice it to say that my current problem ranks maybe two bowls of ice cream, just because of the sheer frustration. I am not a technically adept person. I can break anything with moving parts, just by attempting to turn it on. This applies to objects with virtual moving parts, too! I learned to create a website last fall, just the easy-peasy follow the template directions kind, but nonetheless, a website. You can look at it here, but I warn you, it is sorely in need of updating and it looks funny on your screen if you have a monitor bigger than, oh, say, 5 inches! I know, I know, and I'm trying to fix it. I just have this notion that I'd like to use my laptop, instead of the almost "ancient" 5 year old desktop. Unfortunately, my laptop has a Java problem. If you get into this stuff, you probably already know that some computer companies had a squabble over Java a few years ago. . . and the upshot for poor techno-challenged doofuses like me is that I CAN'T LOAD MY WEBSITE SOFTWARE AND USE IT UNTIL I FIND A WAY TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

Yes, I am shouting about it. Called Yahoo, got polite help for other things and a great big, "I don't know, sounds like a problem Toshiba should fix for you." No complaints about Yahoo, heck, I even met someone who makes chain-maille jewelry in the process! Couldn't find my Toshiba number, so looked up Java instead and tried to make sense of the information. Fiddled around, still couldn't figure it out. Called Yahoo one more time, pleasant conversation and some light shed on the problem but she didn't know how to fix this particular glitch. Found Toshiba number, someone helped me. . . and as soon I hung up, I couldn't remember exactly what he said to do. More fumbling. Another call to Toshiba, another very friendly person who even called me back after I accidentally hung up (okay, so maybe I really wanted to give up and hang up). Anyway, he helped me some more, then one last call to Yahoo.

Let me just say this about fixing problems when they arise:
No matter how many helpful and kind people (and every single one of them was patient and polite and trying to help me find the fix) you encounter in your search for the solution, ulitmately, you are the person who is going to have to find that solution!

Ahem, the ice cream bowl is empty now, and instead of grabbing another, I think I might have found instructions that will lead me to the solution. Wish this techno-doofus luck, okay?

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