Thursday, August 2, 2007

Labyrinths and Mazes on my Mind

Rustic Labyrinth Stone

Did you ever read about labyrinths or mazes? Of course, I have a vague memory of reading about the minotaur in a maze in mythology, so I just googled that to find the story again. That's the story where Icarus flew too close to the sun while trying to escape the maze, so I guess that's not such an appealing, feel-good reference to labyrinths, huh? Oh, but I know that can't be the only thing written about the subject! There are all sorts of mazes and labyrinths designed for people to walk through, you know you've seen them, too-- from classical gardens to cornfields .

I started thinking about making a labyrinth bead or two after finding this page about labyrinths yesterday. Following the pattern of a labyrinth is a way of thinking about traveling inward in your thoughts and then traveling back outward. Ah, another way of meditating! Ah, and another idea for something to include in a garden when we get our own house! Since I'm better at glass than gardens anyway, I decided to make a few of these yesterday. That page I just linked has a diagram showing how to draw a labyrinth. I practiced step by step until I could do that basic one without peeking at the steps. It turned out kind of rustic and bumpy in glass, though, because you start with just a cross center and then add lines. Now, on paper, this can be done smoothly, but in glass there is a bump where you join the lines. . . at least there is when I try to do it! So, I'm thinking I'll go practice drawing the entire thing without lifting my pen. If I can memorize it, then I can make a much smoother one when I do it in glass. **sigh** Glass sure does play a big part in any kind of meditation I try, huh?

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