Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Living on the Edge?

Are we living on the edge? No, that doesn't sound right, does it? We aren't big thrillseekers or huge risk-takers. Turns out we might be living on the edge geographically, though. While we were out exploring and looking for signs of Little Egypt yesterday, I remembered this little nook just around the corner from Foundation Park in Centralia. It's a bit of prairie grass restoration. Now, when I got home and was reading about northern Illinois' "corn famine" of 1832, I realized southern Illinois was being described as that place where the flatlands of the prairie give way to rolling hills. I wish I had the technical know-how to give you a virtual tour! This little piece of prairie, does have a slight roll to it. Then you travel south of town towards our house, and it is so flat here that we can see the Hoffman water tower (5 miles west of here) and the Centralia water tower (about 3-4 miles north of here)! So, looks to me like we're literally living on the edge :)

Kate, the picture ham, gladly posed, but James was more interested in nosing around inside the little shelter to see what was there. We did walk down the path and across the covered walking bridge you see, but it was so hot that our visit was fairly short. We walked up the the tall prairie grass, but we didn't follow any of the trail. Come to think of it, I should've had the kiddos stand next to the grass so they could see how tall it is. Guess we might have to go back one day soon and do that , huh?

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Linda Carol said...

And I thought you weren't an outside gal?
I love the prairie! The beginnings of my life in science I worked in a lab doing prairie research. Our field sites were remnant prairies in Ohio and the Sandhill prairie in western Nebraska. Maybe I have a special appreciation for minutia,(I must as a I make beads right) but I just love flowering prairie grasses!