Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Morning. . .Glory, It's a Pretty Morning

Good Morning! It is a very pretty morning here. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of clouds to filter it, and a bit of a breeze are all adding up to a day when I contemplate turning off the air conditioner. I resisted it until halfway through summer, and I was really enjoying open windows and let the air flow through the house. Then, the midwest mugginess and 95+ temperatures came calling.
I took that picture of the morning glory winding up a corn stalk in my mom's garden almost two weeks ago. Speaking of my mom and her garden, today's post has to be another short one because Grandma and Granddaddy are on their way here for a visit. . . and there might be a few ripe tomatoes from Grandma's garden coming with them. YUM!
So, back to the last minute cleaning and straightening. Talk to ya tomorrow, Ang

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