Friday, August 31, 2007

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces...All in One Kiln!

Astrology is something I've overlooked this past year. All the delving into different spiritual, religious, and mystical themes, and only one Aquarius bead...and I just named her that because she was bearing a bowl of water on her head, you know, Aquarius is the water bearer.
I thought I shouldn't try to do any zodiac themes because I'm truly a skeptic. I used to like to read my horoscope, but the real fun in that was interpreting how the vague prediction was going to apply to my life that very day. "You will do very well financially today" might mean that I had an unexpected birthday card coming in the mail. Oh, it's been so long, I can't even remember any good ones. Here, hold on a second while I get the newspaper and check today's horoscope. Alright, listen up, Aquarians:

A tough project you take on with someone who is much more experienced than you has stronger than usual chances for success. Don't hesitate to team up with just such a person.

So, how hard is that to fit into anyone's life, huh? Still, it did remind me that one really talented glass person once agreed to work on a project together. Aha! Maybe I should pay attention to all of these zodiac signs and symbols as I research pictures and descriptions. Maybe I should think about that project again and plan my part of it and suggest a collaboration?
Well, this post is turning into a good thing for me, but I'm not sure how entertaining it is for you. Dang, I owe ya big time for listening and for not complaining about the lack of entertaining rants and stories around here lately, don't I? Let me just say, THANK YOU FOR VISITING! Truthfully, I should be getting to the torch if I'm going to do that today. Better just leave it at this. The picture is a sneak peek at the zodiac signs I've done so far this week. I'm saving the sun/moon face and all the rest for when I can show you the whole shebang at once. Gotta get to meltin' glass, Ang