Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spidey & the Princess Are Ready for School!

It's almost here! James goes to school for an hour and a half tomorrow morning. No kindergarten class tomorrow, but everyone has a full day of school on Monday. Katie woke up with a big grin on her face today because she's excited! James is a little worried about the rigors of first grade, but from his perspective it is a bit intimidating to move from fun kindergarten to the big kid grades. We put all the school supplies in bookbags this morning, so they'll be ready to grab 'n go.

Now, this is where today's post could go in several sentimental directions. I could talk about how I'll be lonely once the house is quiet for the day, even though I've been looking forward to being able to work uninterrupted. . . however, since Katie is at this very moment taunting James and James is attempting to retaliate with his fist, I think I'll save that sentimental post for another day :) Another possibility would be to talk about my own fond memories of kindergarten, but I don't have any memories of kindergarten. Nada, none. In the great state of Kentucky in the year of 1971, there was no kindergarten in the Hardin County School District's small elementary school Lynnvale. Now, other people might have had kindergarten in the bigger schools, I just know we didn't. Don't think there was one at Howevalley, either. Howevalley was our school from the time we moved when I was in the middle of second grade until Bubby graduated from eighth grade in 1984.

Hmmm, lots of good memories from Howevalley. Go, Wildcats! Maybe I'll tell you about some of them this fall while I'm missing my kiddos during the school day. Right now, though, gotta get some last minute things ready for tomorrow!

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