Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sunset Daisies and the Munchkins Who Find Them

The Munchkins found this wildflower at the very edge of the backyard, among the weeds and tall grass near the railroad tracks. The storm had passed too quickly to dump much rain, but it did cool the almost 100 degree air so that we had a nice hour before sunset. When James and Kate spotted a bunch of these daisies, we went back to the house to get the camera. The sun was already getting low, and the flowers were in the shade, so we ended up not taking pictures of them at the time. Know why I like them? Because the munchkins each asked to pick one flower, and then they gave them to me.
Now, whenever I see this picture, I'm going to remember the almost golden sunlight dappling through the tall trees as we walked. James and Kate helping me search the treetops for signs of Athena the owl, the owl I saw in the backyard last week. The kids talking about all sorts of things, picking up sticks and throwing them like spears onto the landlord's burn pile, giggling because Moochie the cat followed us. . .
Hope you find some Sunset Daisies yourself today!

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