Sunday, August 5, 2007

Super Sunday? in August?

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Well, yeah, I'm going to call this post Super Sunday, even though it doesn't have a darn thing to do with football! Okay, Super Sunday does occasionally fall on my birthday (Feb. 3rd), so maybe I could tie that all together will a string of words and throw in a few beads, too, but I'm not gonna try it this morning :)
Reasons why this is a Super Sunday:

  • The kids and I are going to visit Grandma and Granddaddy and Soupie and Bubby and the rest of the bunch!
  • Ricky and I just agreed that I can work full-time on the glass stuff when the kids start to school. If I can make it more of a business than just an obsessive hobby, then I don't have to get an outside job come the new year. You know what? I think that's a pretty good deal. . . for all the times we two stubborn people butt heads over our vastly different opinions, there really is some good in him :)
  • For those of you who know about my unexplained health symptoms that have been worrying me sick for the last month, I did find out more about what's not going on. . . and that makes this a Super Sunday, even though I still don't know for sure what is going on. Oh, and I am happy to report to my brother that the MRI did find a brain in this skull. I knew he'd be making cracks about that, how could he resist?? Okay, yes, I'm a whiner and a worrier, and I apologize to anyone who has to deal with really serious health issues for not being a little more stoic and patient.
  • It's a Super Sunday because it's almost school time, and that has always been my favorite time of year! I love school! I really should have been a teacher. Of course, I'd never make any money at being a teacher because I'd spend everything on books, papers, pens, more books, bulletin board goodies, rewards for the kids, etc. James, Kate, and I will have to go school supply shopping sometime in the next two weeks, and it will be so much fun! They already have Spiderman and Princesses backpacks (thank you, Grandma & Granddaddy).

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