Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ta-Daaaaa! The Carrots Are Growing!

Lookie, lookie! Angie actually got something to grow! Don't know what happened, maybe the stars and planets were all in some miraculous alignment, or maybe I did plant them right according to the moon signs? Don't know...we just planted them, and now we're watching them grow.

Umm, yeah, it is a big deal for me. You don't even want to know my personal gardening history. It reads like a compendium of horrible disasters. There was the year I waited very patiently until there was no danger of frost up there in the mountains of West Virginia, planted some lovely dahlias (them babies aren't cheap when you buy a bunch at one time), and awoke the next morning to find some very fat slugs burping and lounging in the now empty flower bed! Okay, that's it. I'll have to tell you about more of the disasters another time, don't even want to start thinking about them, lest the memories act as some sort of slug/Japanese beetle/early freeze magnet for me. I want to be eating some of these carrots in a few months, ya know!

Hey, if you want to read more about the bead in the picture, check out my BeadArtists' gallery page called Plant by the Light of the Moon.

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