Monday, August 27, 2007

We Did It! First Day of School!

All smiles right before time to got to school this morning!
Yeah! We were all excited about the first full day of school!
Katie said "hello" to Mrs. Bergen, hung up her bookbag, and sat down in her spot at the blue table, with barely a nod to Mommy and Daddy. She was ready to get to work!
James practically raced ahead to his classroom. I hope he told Mrs. Bradham "good morning".
When we peeked into his classroom, he was busy talking to his pals. He didn't write a list for himself, but all weekend he would say, "Oh, and I have to tell Jacob about this, too."
Mommy did alright with her first day of working full-time on the glass, too :)
I have a kiln full of beads for a zodiac themed sculpture piece. Still have to do three more element beads (got fire, earth, and air finished), then I can start on the different signs. Gotta think a bit more about how I want to do those. I could totally make a sculpted water bearer figure for Aquarius, but am I really up to making twins for Gemini or a crab for Cancer? I was thinking flat tabs with lots of stringer symbols, but now I'm really seeing those sculptures! Oh, yeah, my mouth is practically watering at the thought of twelve, count them, twelve different sculptures that I could make in a few days of pure glass time! That's it! If your name is Bob and you need to tell me about a special free phone offer from Sprint, then you'll probably have to call back, buddy...this woman is going to be torching!

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