Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to the Bug Blog!

Good morning, and welcome to your new Bug Blog! AngelinaBeadalina, beadmaker and bug picture taker, at your service!

No, I haven't stopped making beads, but I sure haven't been torching as much as usual this summer. Nature has been filling in with photo opportunities whenever I don't have beads to pose, though. After you use the macro setting on a camera for so long, it just naturally occurs to you to look for patterns and beauty on a smaller scale, I guess.

Whatever the fascination, the picture taking is fun when opportunities like this pop up in your world! This dragonfly (honestly, I don't know where to begin to look him up, so I'm just going to call him/her a dragonfly and leave it at that for the moment) landed on the deck this morning while I was drinking coffee and trying to set up a neat picture for one of my new goddess beads. He was acting a little sluggish, and I got close enough to watch him wash his face with his front "arms" and "hands". That picture came out blurry, rats! You should've seen the little face and the way he was rubbing those legs all over it, almost the same motions as a cat giving itself a bath. It was fascinating. . . and if my brain hadn 't been turned on the macro setting, I wouldn't have noticed. Hmm, maybe the Bug Blog would be a good thing to start, huh? Just think of all the inspiration!

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