Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sun Goddess for a Sunny Sunday

Well, I seem to be at a loss for words today. . . I think maybe that has something to do with staying up extra late Friday night finishing up things for the St. Louis show, then being gone from 7:15am until almost 10pm yesterday. I HAD A TON OF FUN WITH ALL THE ST. LOUIS GLASSY PEOPLE, THOUGH, SO IT WAS WORTH IT :)
Just a little worn out today, I guess, because I'm almost never at a loss for words, dontcha know!
Hope your weekend was just as fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Didja Miss Me?

Well, you know me, technochallenged woman that I am. . . I couldn't get this blogspot site to let me sign in and make a new post! I hope it was their problem, not mine, because I have no idea how I just got in now. Just in case you find yourself needing an AngelinaBeadalina fix, you can always check for me online at these spots:

Watch Me Create Team Blog

My Etsy Shop

My IndiePublic page

Whew! That was a virtual mouthful!

Your picture today is not meant to make you ask, "What in the sam-heck are those globs with legs??" It is meant to show you that I, the one who despises practice just for the sake of practice, I actually practiced before I attempted to reheat that FiG scarab and attach it to my Cleopatra torso. Ain't no way I could make real looking scarabs for practice the way Michael made recreated my Cleopatras so he could practice! Heck, the Cleo head he sent me looked great-- it's on one of the FiGalinas as we speak. So, I actually practiced, and then I held my breath and attached the real scarab to a real beadalina.
Whew! Glad it turned out okay!
Now, I hate to leave good virtual company, but I'm supposed to be cutting wires and gluing displays/statues together so I'll have something to put on my end of the table at Glass Galore on Saturday :)
As Katie is fond of saying these days, "Happy Trails!"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick Report from the Scene of the Avalanche

I need my sewing machine. You know, the one I haven't used in about two years.
I have a general idea of its location.
Yep, under that stuff.
Granted, this is only one slice of the picture since I didn't step back and take a wide-angle shot, so multiply this by three or four widths.
Somewhere, at the bottom of this, is the box with my sewing machine.
The sewing machine I could use to hem the three layers of pretty fabric for the table cover for Saturday's show. . .

I hate sewing by hand.
Yards of hem.
I hate hemming.

I think I'll drop by the store and buy a pack of hand sewing needles.
That's going to be quicker.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ganesha and the Big Ears/Small Mouth Lesson

This is Ganesha. He's a Hindu god who brings Success, Peace, and Wisdom.
I love to sculpt a Ganesh.
You can buy this one for $25 in my Etsy shop.

Oops, no, ya can't buy him anymore. But you could still check out my Etsy shop (wink, wink).

I started writing this in the middle of the night. I've been going to bed when the kiddos go to bed. The plan is always to get back up and do things, but the plan is always derailed by the fact that I fall asleep and don't wake back up until the middle of the night!
So, I tried writing in the middle of the night... ya know how ideas always seem brilliant in the wee hours of the morning? Then you wake up and realize those brilliant ideas were fairly dull or fairly strange? Yep, this morning when I checked what I had written, I had to wonder if those weird characters from the sleep aid commercial had been hanging out in my blog. You know who I'm talking about, Abe Lincoln and the talking critter? Uh, huh. It's that kind of Monday, apparently. . . so, I'll just wave and say "hi" and see ya tomorrow, okay?
:), Ang

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cross of Love for a Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning! It's still dark where I am, and all is quiet. Time for thinking and writing and slowly sipping strong coffee. Do you like the bead? I'm falling in love with the wide letters stacked up and down the front and the simplicity of the narrow cross gracing the back. The deep red hints of sacrifice.

Now, for something completely different.

How can I think about Christianity and Sunday mornings without remembering the little Methodist church I actually attended for a while as a teenager (and you thought I was a complete heathen, didn't ya?). Sunday mornings were entertaining in a warped kind of way. Having never really gone to church, the experience was enlightening both spiritually and socially. . .mostly socially, as in learning to deal with little old ladies and trying to keep ourselves awake during the sermon without causing too much of a commotion. When one of my friends and I first started attending, the pastor was a kind, elderly man whose family sat in the front row. Services were quiet and kind, just like him. Well, except for his daughter-in-law who happily explained that if God saw fit to give her an off-key voice, then God would just have to listen to her as she loudly sang his praises. Being incredibly tone deaf but still loving music, I remember her fondly when I sing along to the radio :)

Not long after I got used to this sedate Sunday routine, it was time for the pastor to rotate to a new church. That's when quiet got even more quiet, and it became impossible to stay awake during the snorefest, uh, sermon without playing games and entertaining ourselves. It really wasn't Brother Bill's fault. He was much younger than his congregation, so he wanted to liven up the Sunday service. It just didn't happen. Looking back, I'm pretty sure he would've felt limited by the elderly congregation's expectations for a Sunday morning message. While most of those little old ladies were very nice, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to cross them (excuse the pun). It all made for a very boring hour. So, the teenagers had to find quietly creative ways to stay awake. One of our favorites was the old standby where you thumb through the hymnal and insert a set phrase after each song title. I'm sure there are other versions, but right now the only one I can remember is ". . .under the bedsheets." Well, you know, Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art are gonna cause uncontrollable giggles with that one. When the song title games got boring, we'd resort to making faces and throwing things. Yep, I remember the morning we got busted mid-sermon, too. Someone was snoring, you could hear it plainly. Brother Bill was struggling with some message that obviously wasn't captivating his charges. My friend and I were making tiny paper airplanes. One of the airplanes was apparently more aerodynamic than expected and flew over a few pews, catching the notice of the pastor. Uh, oh. We thought we were busted for sure. . . especially when Brother Bill headed our way as everyone was standing up to go to Sunday school. We froze, he grinned, and this bit of Sunday morning wisdom was tossed our way: he'd entertained himself during sermons as a youngin' by occasionally putting a pair of those fake Halloween fangs/teeth in his mouth and then grinning widely at his pastor during especially somber parts of the sermon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

To Sir Paul, With Love

Okay, Beatlemaniacs, please don't scold me for dedicating this bead only to Sir Paul. I know John and Paul both wrote many songs, I know there was a bit of competition
and pride involved in claiming those songs, and I know I don't have a clue which Beatle wrote the words "all you need is love, love is all you need." I do know that every single time I write "Love" on a bead, I am singing these words while melting the glass stringer into the letters l-o-v-e:
All you need is love. Love is all you need.
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.

How can you sing that without picturing Paul's dreamy eyed babyface?
I know, I know, you think I'm a grownup version of all those teenyboppers decades ago who couldn't see beyond "the cute one."
Paul was definitely the cute one, but
John's mind shining behind those glasses was incredibly intriguing
George's quietly intense demeanor was enticing
Ringo, well, can you not love a guy who can go from goofball drummer to Mr.Conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine without skipping a beat? All he had to do was just "Act Naturally."

(P.S. If you love country and think those British mopheads and Elvis were responsible for the downfall of civilization, go ahead and click on Act Naturally-- it has Buck Owens in it!)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychedelic Solarized Sink?

Playing around with the photo software is fun! Took this pic while yesterday's beads were soaking in the sink, then used FXFoto to solarize the colors. Fun little time waster :) Can you tell I'm waiting around to go to the post office and pick up a package? Can't fire up the torch for a mere fifteen minutes...well, if I were good at making small spheres of glass, then I could make something right now. I tried, I really did, but sculpting is what keeps the flame burning for me. Sometimes it burns brighter, sometimes it dims, but sculpting always sparks my interest.
Yesterday was one of those days where I just went to the torch, not really knowing what I wanted to make. Bet you can tell that, too. Oh, the Buddhas turned out to be very calm and happy, and Ganesh actually got all four arms this time, but I still felt a little lost.
Those days happen, don't they?
Anyway, today I'm planning on making some beads with sayings on them. You know, some flat ovals with "Love" or "Dream" or "Whatever". Hmmm, maybe one will actually say "whatever"?
Guess I ought to come back later and give you a good post, too, don't ya think?
Ah, the writing is just like the torching. . .some days the inspiration is bursting out of you and leaping onto the page (or out of the fire), other days it's just a matter of doing it so you don't forget how :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunny Side Up

What huge reddish pink ball of light the sun was this morning. I could see its outline through the trees. Grabbed the camera, stepped outdoors, and got attacked by the felines. Apparently, sunrise scenery admiration is not an approved activity until the cats have been fed. Poured the chow, grabbed the camera again, and started walking out into the yard to get the picture. Made the mistake of stepping out of the wet grass into the stubble of the already combined sandals. Grumbled, then looked up and saw that velvety red sun again. Sunny side up beautiful fall morning. Oh, and some delightful scenes cannot be caught with a camera but must instead be archived in your mind. . . as huge as the sun looked to me, the camera saw it for what it is, a ball of light far away.
It was beautiful, wet corn stubble in my sandal and all.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley

I don't eeeeeeeeeeven have a bead to remotely tie into Quigley vs. Un-Quigley, so the I Ching for Peace will have to do. Here's how I'll stretch that one: the I Ching for Peace is a harmonious dichotomy of sorts, a perfect balance between yin and yang, while Quigley vs. Un-Quigley is all about a dichotomy that isn't so perfect. There ya go, try that one on for size :)

So, who is Quigley, and why is there an Un-Quigley? I am reporting this secondhand, so this is my best guess. Quigley is a perennial, two dimensional first grader who hangs out on the wall of Mrs. Bradham's classroom. Quigley is the perfect little student, as evidenced by "he keeps his shirt tucked in, Mom, and he's a good kid." Apparently, given this description, Quigley is also fairly old for a first grader, because I don't know too many people who really expect everyone to tuck their shirt in these days. I don't, and I don't make my kids do it unless they want a shirt tucked in... gives me Urkel heebie-jeebies to see a shirt tucked in and pants pulled up under your armpits. Ah, but I digress, and in fact, I can feel a number of digressions coming along in this particular post. Anyway, Quigley is a good kid, but he has an alter-ego named The Un-Quigley. (Please say "The Un-Quigley" in your best radio disc jockey voice, as I imagine it must be uttered with appropriate dread and trepidation.) The Un-Quigley may be just as old and two-dimensional as Quigley, but he obviously hasn't learned anything from observing first graders all these years.

The Un-Quigley is "yucky and all wrinkled and stuff, Mom. Yeah, you don't want to be Un-Quigley."

That woman is a miracle worker!! These words came from the mouth of the child who is always drawn to the cool bad guys in cartoons, or at the very least, his good guys are strangely bad/good (as in Ben 10, the boy who turns into ten different aliens in order to fight evil...did I mention all those aliens are pretty gross and have yucky names like "Stinkfly"?). All my little talks about what's right and what's wrong, nada. Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley, a glimmer of recognition. You know, as much as I'm going to secretly like making fun of Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley, I think I like the little guy a lot! Yeah, go Quigley, way to get through to those first-graders! I hope you get to graduate someday, too, because I imagine a teenage version of you could be a godsend for many parents :)

P.S. I feel a new saying coming on. . . "That's so Un-Quigley!"
P.P.S. Hope everyone in your day today is very Quigley!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Fine Day for Fountains

It's a fine day for sitting in a park, gazing at the fountains, appreciating the golden sunlight of autumn, don't you think?

Germantown, Illinois, has a very pretty little park alongside the road lots of people take from the little towns around here to get to the bigger "city". A shopping trip to Fairview Heights wasn't on the agenda for me today, since I was just going to Germantown. That gave me a few minutes to wander around the park and look at the fountains in the lake, the gazebos with picnic tables, the veteran's memorial, and a gargoyle holding a security, how much more big city can you get than a gargoyle?? You never know what you'll find when you slow down and look around, now do you?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleopatra the BobbleHead...and, Yes, I Feel Better Now

Ha! Take that, you stubborn piece of glass!
Didn't want to fit together right, did you?
Wanted to be very pretty when viewed separately, didn't you?
Wanted to make me crazy because you didn't work, did you?

Well, how do you like life as a BobbleHead, Ms. Cleopatra?

Okay, I feel better now. Cleopatra has just been frustrating me. I need to make her big because she's meant to be a glass palette for a glass art project. I got this brilliant idea to make her head and torso separately, in hopes of increasing the size of each. Well, why is it that my mind can think up these creative solutions but my hands can't magically poof them into existence on the first try? This attempt felt sooooooooo good as I put each piece into the kiln, really good. I knew the neck on the torso was more than just a smidge wide, but my rose colored safety glasses made it look like everything was going to be okay. Ah, and her face, I just knew her face was exquisite. Turns out the fairly exquisite face was no match for the pinhead neck. Ack! I got so aggravated, and I had to go to town anyway, so I thought right then and there, "I'll fix you, Cleopatra! I'll make you into a bobblehead!"
Guess Cleopatra won out in the end. I made two more attempts that really did get a little better each time, and the bobblehead just isn't quite right.
Still, I gotta tell you, I feel better :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SpongeBob Operation

Totally worth the $19.95 for the sheer entertainment.
Remember playing Operation? Too much fun, and the buzzer makes you jump every time even when you are expecting it. The SpongeBob version has been a hit at our house.
Everybody keeps hoping for the $2000 remove the troublesome shoe horn card.
Little people are learning to count by 100 and 500.
It's fun!

Wow, I sure wish I got advertising money for that blurb! But I didn't, and you can rest assured I wouldn't be excited about a game if the kiddos only played it once. . .and ceased the arguing while they did it :)

Hope you're having a fun day,too!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mrs. PumpkinHead the Earring Holder Halloween Treat

Go ahead, ya know ya wanna treat yourself! Hey, she's only $25 in my Etsy shop right now! I'll just bet you already have a pair of Halloween or Harvest earrings you'd like to display when you aren't wearing them. . .and there's plenty of room on the base to stash a few Hershey kisses or snack size Reese's peanut butter cups (wonky, funky novice earrings included, but you gotta get your own candy, okay?).Mmmm, did I mention chocolate? Oh, yeah, the kiddos and I might have to go to the store so we can check out the trick or treat candy, whaddya think?See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Peekaboo! Soupie!

Heehee, just throwing a little sisterly love out there into cyberspace this morning! Soupie knew this would eventually show up in her big sister's blog :)
What is that strange thing on her head?? It's a Cinderalla wig, made just for little princesses. Okay, so I tried it on, too, but nobody had a camera in their hand at the time, nyah-nyah-nya-nyah!
Actually, I'm thinking I could've used that wig my senior year in high school. Compared to my sister, who hasn't worn a dress since she was old enough to say, "Hey, I'm not wearing that, gimme some pants," I am a girly-girl. I wanted a prom dress that looked like Cinderella's dress, not froufrou, just smooth satin and a pretty neckline. My mom actually made it for me, and it was very pretty! Ah, one of the few girly-girl moments in my life! I even had two dates for the prom. . .no, really, I did. Okay, so I thought I'd be completely dateless, and my friends rescued me more than once. After more than two decades, I can't remember who was the official date, but I do know I have two sets of prom pics! Uh, nope, that didn't work out so well. Coulda used that Cinderelli wig to disguise myself and make a getaway when no one was paying attention.
Instead, we now have the Cinderelli wig on Soupie's head for your viewing pleasure ;)
Have a fun day, Soup, and don't forget to show your friends what your sister did this time in her blog :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ghostly Pumpkinhead

Good Wednesday Morning!
Eeek! Already Wednesday, and I'm still trying to catch up... need to put a few more things in my Etsy shop, working on an Egyptian dealio, want something to put in my gallery pages so it doesn't get boring with nothing new, and gotta find this ghostly pumpkinhead woman a tiny straw bale on which to sit.
Oh, yeah, and I think I better finish washing the etching cream and dish detergent off her! Some people use an etching solution, but I like to "paint" this thick etching cream on my overgrown beads. The dish detergent is what is giving the etching cream a real ooey-gooey look in this picture. I just added it this morning so I could start washing her, and it had a real Ghostbusters/ectoplasm kinda look so I snapped her picture ;)

Oops! Playing "Ghostbusters" theme song, and the kids are dancing! Hey, that would be good, but we really need to be getting on shoes and gathering up bookbags! See Ya, Peace, Ang

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cleopatra Is Being a Royal Pain in the Neck

Okay, let me tell you how much I am into saying "Cleopatra is being a royal pain in the neck" today. I just finished a writing a post for the team blog Watch Me Create, and the title of that post is exactly the same as the title of my post here. I feel like typing it a bunch more times, but maybe I'll have vented my frustrations by the end of this entry. Lucky you, witness to my temper tantrum!
She looks pretty at first glance, doesn't she? Great. Now scroll back up and take a closer look, particularly at her neck. See how skinny the neck part is under her head? It was supposed to be that way so that it could fit down into a little lip inside the top of the neck part on her torso. HA! Look at the torso part and see how fat her neck is...okay, in the throws of the passion of creating it, I really thought it would be okay, I'd just compensate by making the head bigger so the proportions matched. Another HA! That'll teach me to try to eyeball something and expect decent results on the first try!
The question is, will I do the smart thing when I go downstairs to the torch? Will I try to make a torso to match this fabulous head and another head to match this really cool torso?
I got other ideas, ideas which don't involve a hammer (as of yet).
Guess I'd better get to melting glass, that ought to burn away the rest of the frustration, huh?
See ya tomorrow :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chicken. Not Chicken.


Not chicken.

James, Kate, and I had a great time in Kentucky this weekend! James got to ride to town with the big boys (Norm and Granddaddy) in the big red truck early Saturday morning. He also talked Granddaddy into watching all of a Superman movie with him Saturday afternoon. Katie brought corn for Grandma's chickens, and Grandma dug out the old corn sheller and showed her how to use it. Of course, both kiddos got their Aunt Soupie and Uncle Bubby fixes, as you can tell from the picture of daredevil Kate hanging upside down from Uncle Bubby's arms.
I had fun, too, and now I'm ready to get back to torchin' and beadin' so look for new pictures tonight or tomorrow afternoon in my gallery and in my Etsy shop.

Oh, and I'll be catching up on mail, too. . . thanks, Amy! Paula Annette!! I can't wait to do some catching up!
Happy Sunday, Everyone!
Peace, Ang

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mermaids and Maids

Ahem, I come to you this morning in between vacuuming the kitchen floor and searching out that dirty shirt that James stashed somewhere. . .
I come to you this morning with visions of mermaids, but must leave you soon since FlyLady I am not and this domestic goddess gig is more time consuming than I'd like. I must admit that I have been using this time while the kids are at school more for torching and picture posting than for cleaning kitchen cabinets, evidenced by the need to quickly grab a saucepan and run from the far end cabinet if you do not wish to be assaulted by the stacked pan and skillet monster who lives within the cabinet. I ask you, has anyone in their right mind used a flour sifter since 1964? Does anyone born after 1964 actually know what a flour sifter is? Okay, me, I was born in 1966 and I know what it is. I've even used it a few times to sift cake flour to make a German chocolate cake from scratch. Yep, click on that link and drool over the layers of chocolate cake and butterycaramelycoconuttypecan goodness that is called frosting!
Wait just a second, here I am writing about food instead of cleaning out the refrigerator (who knew asparagus could turn that particular shade of green?). Actually, I am not a horrible housekeeper, I'd say I'm just not too concerned or obsessed. You could say I'm about a 5 on the Martha Scale of 1 to 10. (I think my cooking could bring that average up if I lived in a house where anyone else actually appreciated garlic or other bold tastes...ah, but the less time spent cooking means more time available for torching, so c'est la vie).
Another sigh. I really need to finish sauteeing the ham and onions and start the grits. Mmmm, yes, I am a southern girl. I love grits, I love breakfast any time of the day, and I can still say "ya'll" when I want.
See ya'll later, I have cooking and torching to do :)

P.S. The mermaid shall be in the Etsy store later this weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Uncle Ralph and the Moonlight Painting

Let me just give you this disclaimer: I am 41, I'm going to be talking about a painting that hung in my grandma's house when I was a child, and since my grandma passed away when I was in sixth grade, it has been a few years and I might get details mixed up. . . don't ya hate having to admit that something from your childhood was "years ago" or worse, "decades ago"??

There are many little things I think I remember about Grandma's house on Cane Run Road, the house where my dad and his four brothers spent most of their childhood. I remember the smell of the backyard because these funny shaped groundcover/weeds were everywhere, sort of like overgrown clovers or midget geranium leaves. There are some in our yard now, but I haven't a clue what they are called. In my mind, I always think of them as those things that grew around the driveway at Grandma and Grandpa's. I remember being fascinated with the laundry chute that ran all the from upstairs to the basement. In fact, I think that laundry chute (or tales of it) have fascinated four generations now. Grandma's brother once tricked my dad and Uncle Major into thinking he was stuck in it...of course, Uncle Major thought he and Pop ought to climb in and go help Uncle Roger get unstuck. Now, Katie is fascinated with that idea! Thank goodness that house isn't in the family anymore, or little "looks like Stanley, acts like Major" would be testing out the laws of gravity via the laundry chute. What else do I remember about Grandma's house? The front porch, being very close to the highway, was off limits unless we asked special permission. Even with permission, we had to walk around from the back door to the front porch. My memories include a lesson from Grandma about the inappropriateness of saying "I hate" anything, including hating to walk around instead of using the front door.

Oh, I remember sliding doors to the bedroom, a huge wood rocking chair with an upholstered seat, and the picture that hung above the television just to the right of the stairwell. Ah, she was beautiful in my eyes. It was a ephemeral scene, full of moonlight and gauzy cloth. It was a print of a young woman with her head turned slightly toward the moonlit sky. Tendrils of hair escaped her updo, and her dress hinted of something angels might wear. I wanted to look like her when I grew up. She was on my mind yesterday as I sculpted the bead in the picture. She springs to mind anytime someone mentions art and beauty, or for that matter, anytime someone mentions teenage boys and lust. Uncle Ralph ended up with that picture, much to my dismay I might add (pout, pout). Know why he liked it when he was growing up? She was rather titillating in her gauzy angel's garb, something a teenage boy might notice more readily than a little girl... you could see her nipples through the dress!

Here's to beauty, wherever you find it!
Peace, Ang

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Curses! Foiled Again by Technology!!

Quick, tell me what is the major skill that is sorely lacking in Angie??
You got it, technological skill!

I got so thrilled when I discovered that free slide show thing yesterday, I thought I'd make you just one more today. Turns out, you know what's coming, don't you? Turns out I have no freaking idea how to work that thing. I just loaded pictures and ended up with this mask being inserted into the slide show of Athena, just look at them right below here-- I don't know who's going to win, but it looks like Mahakala might sneak up on Athena and catch her unawares. Ah, they are both protective deities, so they'll work it out, I'm sure.
Uh, well, maybe I'm not so sure they'll work it out, but it's ten minutes until 3pm and my children have decided they'd rather have me pick them up at school instead of riding the bus home. I gotta get moving! This is Angie, waving as she runs out the door, see ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Find more photos like this on Indiepublic

Warrior Goddess.
Goddess of Wisdom.
Patron of Arts.

I just posted pictures of her in my gallery, listed her for sale for $25 in my Etsy shop, and now I am sitting here looking at her and thinking about all she represents.

Oh, I just discovered this really cool way to get a slideshow from my photos at Indiepublic!
Keeping my fingers crossed that it works, but if not, I'll come back and fix it for ya!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pontificating about the Pontiff

Alright, here he is, the Pontificating Pontiff from yesterday's torch session that went straight to hell. Now, why would I say that, you ask? May I refer you to yesterday's discussion? Go ahead, click on it or just scroll down to it, I'll wait. See, if you just look at these pictures, you might wonder why I say the torching went straight to the Inferno. But once you know that this bunch of ivory glass was supposed to be a regal queen with a crown, then you can feel that same ugly ball in the pit of your stomach as I felt as I was throwing the Pope into the kiln at 965 degrees!

My daughter, the 5 year old with the judicious gift of gab, just called out to me from the throne to say, "you know, I really do kinda like that bead." Yes, from the porcelain throne. Something surreal about that scene, huh?

Drum roll, is the ugly truth. I kind of like him, too. I have no idea why, except that he does have a benevolent sort of look on his face. Or maybe he's just trying to hold his mouth right so that huge hat doesn't fall off?
Personally, I'm hoping he at least blessed the inside of the kiln while he was in there for his sauna!

So, when you can catch your breath and quit laughing at my torching day gone wrong, don't forget to go look at some of my decent beadies in my gallery pages at You know, if you like to read about the ups and downs and musings of artists, you oughtta check out Watch Me Create, too.

This is AngelinaBeadalina, humbled by the glass gods and about to burst into a mixture of tears and guffaws at the whole idea of trying to make a queen and ending up with a pope, signing off for the day. See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lawdy, Am I Gonna Burn for This One?

Nothing much to report today, except that I just stuck the Pope into my kiln!
Don't know for sure which one he is, though I am thinking he looks a tad bit like John Paul II (who was a kind soul but looked nothing like the queen I was trying to sculpt!)
May God and the glass gods forgive me, because I had no intentions of trying to sculpt the Pope... or of throwing him into the inferno for hours, for that matter!

Do you really have to ask?
It. is. a. crappy. torching. day.

I was just trying to make a regal Queen, just the head and a crown, all of ivory. Ivory has to be one of the softest colors of soft glass. I knew better, I did. I knew I didn't have a very focused idea, so I knew it was going to be harder to concentrate. I knew, as surely as slugs like to eat my dahlias, I knew this was going to turn ugly. So why did I sit there? Why didn't I cut my losses (I'm almost out of ivory) at 1/2 a rod? Why did I feel compelled to keep going, even after I could see that this queen's regal face was rapidly beginning to look like the mug of that old guy who pulls his lower lip up over his upper lip? (I can sooooooooo picture that guy, maybe I should google some images and find him for you?) Now, instead of a queen with a tall crown, I have in my kiln a chubby gnome of a man with a pope's hat. Heck, the last thing I did was slap a cross on the hat, I was so frustrated.

"Surely as slugs like to eat my dahlias"-- ya like that one? It's true. I am a terrible gardener, but I do love pretty flowers. Unfortunately, one particular year in Morgantown, I found out that West Virginian slugs like to munch on dahlias as soon as you plant them. "Sure as sh-- rolls downhill." "Sure as a favorite cotton t-shirt is going to shrink." "Sure as Wile E. Coyote is gonna get hit in the head with a falling rock after the Road Runner zooms past him." "Sure as a Greer loves donuts and White Castles." "Sure as an open-faced peanut butter sandwich is going to land face-down if you drop it."

Grumble, grumble, whine, whine. . . I'm going back to the torch now. If John Paul's head doesn't explode in the kiln, I'll show you a picture tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Corn Harvest and Corn Stalk Smashing

The farmers combined the corn field next to our house this week. Guess what we've been doing the last two evenings? Searching for left behind ears of corn, and smashing down the knee-high corn stalks as we go. Wanna take a guess as to who is doing what? Yes, the girl child has been gathering corn so she can take it to Kentucky to feed Grandma's chickens, and the boy child has been ruthlessly hunting and defeating the corn stalks. Before I had children, I truly believed that the differences between girls and boys were a result of the differences in the ways they are treated. After 6 years of accumulating trains and superheroes and 5 years of taking care of all sorts of animals and babydolls, I am here to tell you that the Y chromosome really does have some effect on personality. Would a girl feel compelled to stomp on each and every vestige of corn stalk, just because it is there? Heck, no, we might mess up our shoes! The cool thing is that between the Corn Smasher boy and the Moocher cat stealthily stalking behind us, the Corn Gatherer and I can go about our gathering with nary a worry :)

So far, Kate has carried home two plastic grocery bags of potential chicken feed, which brings me to yet another question about the effects of genetics. Exactly how is it that my child, actually both of them, how is it that my children like chickens? I mean live chickens, not fried chickens! From the time I was big enough to walk to Jean Ann's barn by myself and get attacked by the rooster, I have hated all but fried chickens with a passion. Now, I have children who happily trot off to the chicken pen with Grandma, gather eggs, and pet the chickens. What is up with that, I wanna know??

Know what's even scarier? I'm starting to think Kate and I might need some chickens. You know, I saw a rolling chicken pen someone made, and I want one. Pretty neat to move the chickens around your yard, letting them eat bugs and seeds, spreading the chicken manure/free fertilizer gradually without having to shovel it. There are certainly aesthetic benefits to this system, especially considering it would automatically keep the fresher little piles of poo quarantined behind a fence. If you've ever been a barefoot child sharing your grandparents' yard with a slew of chickens roaming freely, you'll appreciate this sentiment :)

Okay, now that this post has literally gone to poop, time for me to move on to something else! Think I'll go take some more pictures of my Pulse of the Ancients' goddesses on the pile of corn; there's something interesting about the look of the dark brown etched glass against the kernels of dark yellow corn. . .