Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleopatra the BobbleHead...and, Yes, I Feel Better Now

Ha! Take that, you stubborn piece of glass!
Didn't want to fit together right, did you?
Wanted to be very pretty when viewed separately, didn't you?
Wanted to make me crazy because you didn't work, did you?

Well, how do you like life as a BobbleHead, Ms. Cleopatra?

Okay, I feel better now. Cleopatra has just been frustrating me. I need to make her big because she's meant to be a glass palette for a glass art project. I got this brilliant idea to make her head and torso separately, in hopes of increasing the size of each. Well, why is it that my mind can think up these creative solutions but my hands can't magically poof them into existence on the first try? This attempt felt sooooooooo good as I put each piece into the kiln, really good. I knew the neck on the torso was more than just a smidge wide, but my rose colored safety glasses made it look like everything was going to be okay. Ah, and her face, I just knew her face was exquisite. Turns out the fairly exquisite face was no match for the pinhead neck. Ack! I got so aggravated, and I had to go to town anyway, so I thought right then and there, "I'll fix you, Cleopatra! I'll make you into a bobblehead!"
Guess Cleopatra won out in the end. I made two more attempts that really did get a little better each time, and the bobblehead just isn't quite right.
Still, I gotta tell you, I feel better :)

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