Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cleopatra Is Being a Royal Pain in the Neck

Okay, let me tell you how much I am into saying "Cleopatra is being a royal pain in the neck" today. I just finished a writing a post for the team blog Watch Me Create, and the title of that post is exactly the same as the title of my post here. I feel like typing it a bunch more times, but maybe I'll have vented my frustrations by the end of this entry. Lucky you, witness to my temper tantrum!
She looks pretty at first glance, doesn't she? Great. Now scroll back up and take a closer look, particularly at her neck. See how skinny the neck part is under her head? It was supposed to be that way so that it could fit down into a little lip inside the top of the neck part on her torso. HA! Look at the torso part and see how fat her neck is...okay, in the throws of the passion of creating it, I really thought it would be okay, I'd just compensate by making the head bigger so the proportions matched. Another HA! That'll teach me to try to eyeball something and expect decent results on the first try!
The question is, will I do the smart thing when I go downstairs to the torch? Will I try to make a torso to match this fabulous head and another head to match this really cool torso?
I got other ideas, ideas which don't involve a hammer (as of yet).
Guess I'd better get to melting glass, that ought to burn away the rest of the frustration, huh?
See ya tomorrow :)

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