Saturday, September 1, 2007

Corn Harvest and Corn Stalk Smashing

The farmers combined the corn field next to our house this week. Guess what we've been doing the last two evenings? Searching for left behind ears of corn, and smashing down the knee-high corn stalks as we go. Wanna take a guess as to who is doing what? Yes, the girl child has been gathering corn so she can take it to Kentucky to feed Grandma's chickens, and the boy child has been ruthlessly hunting and defeating the corn stalks. Before I had children, I truly believed that the differences between girls and boys were a result of the differences in the ways they are treated. After 6 years of accumulating trains and superheroes and 5 years of taking care of all sorts of animals and babydolls, I am here to tell you that the Y chromosome really does have some effect on personality. Would a girl feel compelled to stomp on each and every vestige of corn stalk, just because it is there? Heck, no, we might mess up our shoes! The cool thing is that between the Corn Smasher boy and the Moocher cat stealthily stalking behind us, the Corn Gatherer and I can go about our gathering with nary a worry :)

So far, Kate has carried home two plastic grocery bags of potential chicken feed, which brings me to yet another question about the effects of genetics. Exactly how is it that my child, actually both of them, how is it that my children like chickens? I mean live chickens, not fried chickens! From the time I was big enough to walk to Jean Ann's barn by myself and get attacked by the rooster, I have hated all but fried chickens with a passion. Now, I have children who happily trot off to the chicken pen with Grandma, gather eggs, and pet the chickens. What is up with that, I wanna know??

Know what's even scarier? I'm starting to think Kate and I might need some chickens. You know, I saw a rolling chicken pen someone made, and I want one. Pretty neat to move the chickens around your yard, letting them eat bugs and seeds, spreading the chicken manure/free fertilizer gradually without having to shovel it. There are certainly aesthetic benefits to this system, especially considering it would automatically keep the fresher little piles of poo quarantined behind a fence. If you've ever been a barefoot child sharing your grandparents' yard with a slew of chickens roaming freely, you'll appreciate this sentiment :)

Okay, now that this post has literally gone to poop, time for me to move on to something else! Think I'll go take some more pictures of my Pulse of the Ancients' goddesses on the pile of corn; there's something interesting about the look of the dark brown etched glass against the kernels of dark yellow corn. . .

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