Thursday, September 27, 2007

Didja Miss Me?

Well, you know me, technochallenged woman that I am. . . I couldn't get this blogspot site to let me sign in and make a new post! I hope it was their problem, not mine, because I have no idea how I just got in now. Just in case you find yourself needing an AngelinaBeadalina fix, you can always check for me online at these spots:

Watch Me Create Team Blog

My Etsy Shop

My IndiePublic page

Whew! That was a virtual mouthful!

Your picture today is not meant to make you ask, "What in the sam-heck are those globs with legs??" It is meant to show you that I, the one who despises practice just for the sake of practice, I actually practiced before I attempted to reheat that FiG scarab and attach it to my Cleopatra torso. Ain't no way I could make real looking scarabs for practice the way Michael made recreated my Cleopatras so he could practice! Heck, the Cleo head he sent me looked great-- it's on one of the FiGalinas as we speak. So, I actually practiced, and then I held my breath and attached the real scarab to a real beadalina.
Whew! Glad it turned out okay!
Now, I hate to leave good virtual company, but I'm supposed to be cutting wires and gluing displays/statues together so I'll have something to put on my end of the table at Glass Galore on Saturday :)
As Katie is fond of saying these days, "Happy Trails!"

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