Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ghostly Pumpkinhead

Good Wednesday Morning!
Eeek! Already Wednesday, and I'm still trying to catch up... need to put a few more things in my Etsy shop, working on an Egyptian dealio, want something to put in my gallery pages so it doesn't get boring with nothing new, and gotta find this ghostly pumpkinhead woman a tiny straw bale on which to sit.
Oh, yeah, and I think I better finish washing the etching cream and dish detergent off her! Some people use an etching solution, but I like to "paint" this thick etching cream on my overgrown beads. The dish detergent is what is giving the etching cream a real ooey-gooey look in this picture. I just added it this morning so I could start washing her, and it had a real Ghostbusters/ectoplasm kinda look so I snapped her picture ;)

Oops! Playing "Ghostbusters" theme song, and the kids are dancing! Hey, that would be good, but we really need to be getting on shoes and gathering up bookbags! See Ya, Peace, Ang

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