Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lawdy, Am I Gonna Burn for This One?

Nothing much to report today, except that I just stuck the Pope into my kiln!
Don't know for sure which one he is, though I am thinking he looks a tad bit like John Paul II (who was a kind soul but looked nothing like the queen I was trying to sculpt!)
May God and the glass gods forgive me, because I had no intentions of trying to sculpt the Pope... or of throwing him into the inferno for hours, for that matter!

Do you really have to ask?
It. is. a. crappy. torching. day.

I was just trying to make a regal Queen, just the head and a crown, all of ivory. Ivory has to be one of the softest colors of soft glass. I knew better, I did. I knew I didn't have a very focused idea, so I knew it was going to be harder to concentrate. I knew, as surely as slugs like to eat my dahlias, I knew this was going to turn ugly. So why did I sit there? Why didn't I cut my losses (I'm almost out of ivory) at 1/2 a rod? Why did I feel compelled to keep going, even after I could see that this queen's regal face was rapidly beginning to look like the mug of that old guy who pulls his lower lip up over his upper lip? (I can sooooooooo picture that guy, maybe I should google some images and find him for you?) Now, instead of a queen with a tall crown, I have in my kiln a chubby gnome of a man with a pope's hat. Heck, the last thing I did was slap a cross on the hat, I was so frustrated.

"Surely as slugs like to eat my dahlias"-- ya like that one? It's true. I am a terrible gardener, but I do love pretty flowers. Unfortunately, one particular year in Morgantown, I found out that West Virginian slugs like to munch on dahlias as soon as you plant them. "Sure as sh-- rolls downhill." "Sure as a favorite cotton t-shirt is going to shrink." "Sure as Wile E. Coyote is gonna get hit in the head with a falling rock after the Road Runner zooms past him." "Sure as a Greer loves donuts and White Castles." "Sure as an open-faced peanut butter sandwich is going to land face-down if you drop it."

Grumble, grumble, whine, whine. . . I'm going back to the torch now. If John Paul's head doesn't explode in the kiln, I'll show you a picture tomorrow.

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Brandi said...

If you're going to burn for torching the pope, then I'm going to burn for finding that line funny. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you to the Indiepublic Blog Ring! Thanks so much for joining!