Friday, September 7, 2007

Mermaids and Maids

Ahem, I come to you this morning in between vacuuming the kitchen floor and searching out that dirty shirt that James stashed somewhere. . .
I come to you this morning with visions of mermaids, but must leave you soon since FlyLady I am not and this domestic goddess gig is more time consuming than I'd like. I must admit that I have been using this time while the kids are at school more for torching and picture posting than for cleaning kitchen cabinets, evidenced by the need to quickly grab a saucepan and run from the far end cabinet if you do not wish to be assaulted by the stacked pan and skillet monster who lives within the cabinet. I ask you, has anyone in their right mind used a flour sifter since 1964? Does anyone born after 1964 actually know what a flour sifter is? Okay, me, I was born in 1966 and I know what it is. I've even used it a few times to sift cake flour to make a German chocolate cake from scratch. Yep, click on that link and drool over the layers of chocolate cake and butterycaramelycoconuttypecan goodness that is called frosting!
Wait just a second, here I am writing about food instead of cleaning out the refrigerator (who knew asparagus could turn that particular shade of green?). Actually, I am not a horrible housekeeper, I'd say I'm just not too concerned or obsessed. You could say I'm about a 5 on the Martha Scale of 1 to 10. (I think my cooking could bring that average up if I lived in a house where anyone else actually appreciated garlic or other bold tastes...ah, but the less time spent cooking means more time available for torching, so c'est la vie).
Another sigh. I really need to finish sauteeing the ham and onions and start the grits. Mmmm, yes, I am a southern girl. I love grits, I love breakfast any time of the day, and I can still say "ya'll" when I want.
See ya'll later, I have cooking and torching to do :)

P.S. The mermaid shall be in the Etsy store later this weekend.


Rebecca said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love mermaids.

angelinabeadalina said...

Thank you, Rebecca :)

Gemheaven said...

Beautiful Mermaid!

Your housework sounds like mine lol