Thursday, September 13, 2007

Peekaboo! Soupie!

Heehee, just throwing a little sisterly love out there into cyberspace this morning! Soupie knew this would eventually show up in her big sister's blog :)
What is that strange thing on her head?? It's a Cinderalla wig, made just for little princesses. Okay, so I tried it on, too, but nobody had a camera in their hand at the time, nyah-nyah-nya-nyah!
Actually, I'm thinking I could've used that wig my senior year in high school. Compared to my sister, who hasn't worn a dress since she was old enough to say, "Hey, I'm not wearing that, gimme some pants," I am a girly-girl. I wanted a prom dress that looked like Cinderella's dress, not froufrou, just smooth satin and a pretty neckline. My mom actually made it for me, and it was very pretty! Ah, one of the few girly-girl moments in my life! I even had two dates for the prom. . .no, really, I did. Okay, so I thought I'd be completely dateless, and my friends rescued me more than once. After more than two decades, I can't remember who was the official date, but I do know I have two sets of prom pics! Uh, nope, that didn't work out so well. Coulda used that Cinderelli wig to disguise myself and make a getaway when no one was paying attention.
Instead, we now have the Cinderelli wig on Soupie's head for your viewing pleasure ;)
Have a fun day, Soup, and don't forget to show your friends what your sister did this time in her blog :)

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