Monday, September 3, 2007

Pontificating about the Pontiff

Alright, here he is, the Pontificating Pontiff from yesterday's torch session that went straight to hell. Now, why would I say that, you ask? May I refer you to yesterday's discussion? Go ahead, click on it or just scroll down to it, I'll wait. See, if you just look at these pictures, you might wonder why I say the torching went straight to the Inferno. But once you know that this bunch of ivory glass was supposed to be a regal queen with a crown, then you can feel that same ugly ball in the pit of your stomach as I felt as I was throwing the Pope into the kiln at 965 degrees!

My daughter, the 5 year old with the judicious gift of gab, just called out to me from the throne to say, "you know, I really do kinda like that bead." Yes, from the porcelain throne. Something surreal about that scene, huh?

Drum roll, is the ugly truth. I kind of like him, too. I have no idea why, except that he does have a benevolent sort of look on his face. Or maybe he's just trying to hold his mouth right so that huge hat doesn't fall off?
Personally, I'm hoping he at least blessed the inside of the kiln while he was in there for his sauna!

So, when you can catch your breath and quit laughing at my torching day gone wrong, don't forget to go look at some of my decent beadies in my gallery pages at You know, if you like to read about the ups and downs and musings of artists, you oughtta check out Watch Me Create, too.

This is AngelinaBeadalina, humbled by the glass gods and about to burst into a mixture of tears and guffaws at the whole idea of trying to make a queen and ending up with a pope, signing off for the day. See ya tomorrow!

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Brandi said...

Hahahaha, my evil plan of world domination is working!! :)

Seriously, though, I'm glad you like the blog. There are more great interviews coming, so check back!

P.S. Nate's Wife is one of my favorite people, and she's got a great blog that I can't stop reading.

P.P.S. I LOVE the Pope! He's so cuddly looking, or he would be if he was big enough to cuddle.

P.P.S.S. I'm not laughing at your day, but I am smiling and here's why: "...trying to make a queen and ending up with a pope". That, right there, is excellent. :)