Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychedelic Solarized Sink?

Playing around with the photo software is fun! Took this pic while yesterday's beads were soaking in the sink, then used FXFoto to solarize the colors. Fun little time waster :) Can you tell I'm waiting around to go to the post office and pick up a package? Can't fire up the torch for a mere fifteen minutes...well, if I were good at making small spheres of glass, then I could make something right now. I tried, I really did, but sculpting is what keeps the flame burning for me. Sometimes it burns brighter, sometimes it dims, but sculpting always sparks my interest.
Yesterday was one of those days where I just went to the torch, not really knowing what I wanted to make. Bet you can tell that, too. Oh, the Buddhas turned out to be very calm and happy, and Ganesh actually got all four arms this time, but I still felt a little lost.
Those days happen, don't they?
Anyway, today I'm planning on making some beads with sayings on them. You know, some flat ovals with "Love" or "Dream" or "Whatever". Hmmm, maybe one will actually say "whatever"?
Guess I ought to come back later and give you a good post, too, don't ya think?
Ah, the writing is just like the torching. . .some days the inspiration is bursting out of you and leaping onto the page (or out of the fire), other days it's just a matter of doing it so you don't forget how :)
Happy Friday!

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