Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley

I don't eeeeeeeeeeven have a bead to remotely tie into Quigley vs. Un-Quigley, so the I Ching for Peace will have to do. Here's how I'll stretch that one: the I Ching for Peace is a harmonious dichotomy of sorts, a perfect balance between yin and yang, while Quigley vs. Un-Quigley is all about a dichotomy that isn't so perfect. There ya go, try that one on for size :)

So, who is Quigley, and why is there an Un-Quigley? I am reporting this secondhand, so this is my best guess. Quigley is a perennial, two dimensional first grader who hangs out on the wall of Mrs. Bradham's classroom. Quigley is the perfect little student, as evidenced by "he keeps his shirt tucked in, Mom, and he's a good kid." Apparently, given this description, Quigley is also fairly old for a first grader, because I don't know too many people who really expect everyone to tuck their shirt in these days. I don't, and I don't make my kids do it unless they want a shirt tucked in... gives me Urkel heebie-jeebies to see a shirt tucked in and pants pulled up under your armpits. Ah, but I digress, and in fact, I can feel a number of digressions coming along in this particular post. Anyway, Quigley is a good kid, but he has an alter-ego named The Un-Quigley. (Please say "The Un-Quigley" in your best radio disc jockey voice, as I imagine it must be uttered with appropriate dread and trepidation.) The Un-Quigley may be just as old and two-dimensional as Quigley, but he obviously hasn't learned anything from observing first graders all these years.

The Un-Quigley is "yucky and all wrinkled and stuff, Mom. Yeah, you don't want to be Un-Quigley."

That woman is a miracle worker!! These words came from the mouth of the child who is always drawn to the cool bad guys in cartoons, or at the very least, his good guys are strangely bad/good (as in Ben 10, the boy who turns into ten different aliens in order to fight evil...did I mention all those aliens are pretty gross and have yucky names like "Stinkfly"?). All my little talks about what's right and what's wrong, nada. Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley, a glimmer of recognition. You know, as much as I'm going to secretly like making fun of Quigley vs. The Un-Quigley, I think I like the little guy a lot! Yeah, go Quigley, way to get through to those first-graders! I hope you get to graduate someday, too, because I imagine a teenage version of you could be a godsend for many parents :)

P.S. I feel a new saying coming on. . . "That's so Un-Quigley!"
P.P.S. Hope everyone in your day today is very Quigley!

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