Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunny Side Up

What huge reddish pink ball of light the sun was this morning. I could see its outline through the trees. Grabbed the camera, stepped outdoors, and got attacked by the felines. Apparently, sunrise scenery admiration is not an approved activity until the cats have been fed. Poured the chow, grabbed the camera again, and started walking out into the yard to get the picture. Made the mistake of stepping out of the wet grass into the stubble of the already combined sandals. Grumbled, then looked up and saw that velvety red sun again. Sunny side up beautiful fall morning. Oh, and some delightful scenes cannot be caught with a camera but must instead be archived in your mind. . . as huge as the sun looked to me, the camera saw it for what it is, a ball of light far away.
It was beautiful, wet corn stubble in my sandal and all.
Have a wonderful day!

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