Wednesday, October 31, 2007

eBay? Etsy? or maybe Both??

Well, I have to tell you that I am liking Etsy. It's easy to list my items for sale, and the fees are lower than eBay so I can feel justified in listing things for a slightly lower price. Plus, it's all handmade goodies. . .that's the kind of place I like! You can always find me on Etsy, and I'll keep the Etsy pics at the right so you can click to your heart's content when you are shopping for gifts for others and goodies for yourself.

eBay was calling to me again, though. Ya gotta appreciate all the exposure you can get worldwide on a place like the 'Bay. This was brought home to me yesterday when someone contacted me through eBay messages, asking about a particular style of bead I do. Wow! I hadn't listed anything on eBay since summertime, and yet someone found me through there?? Gotta give it another shot, dontcha think? So, here goes:

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Special, and You Aren't-- Nyah, nyah, nya, nyah!

Check this out. Some way or another, my children have not yet been exposed to all the sarcastic comedic uses of the word "special". They can say "sarcasm," and for 5 and 6 year olds, they can give you a pretty good definition of it. Chances are, you might even hear them follow a sweet phrase with "By the way, I was using sarcasm." But they don't seem to know about Saturday Night Live's Church Lady of long ago. . . "Well, isn't that special??" (Be sure your sound is turned on, that's a link to an audio clip.)

Anyway, so far, James and Katie think the word "special" means just that, special. This is a good thing, er, was a good thing until this weekend. James is reading everything in sight these days and is very proud of this new skill. Kate is sounding words out but not able to read freely just yet, and this is a point of contention for her every single time she hears James read. Yesterday, James saw this orange sticker on the loaf of bread, read it, peeled it off, and stuck it on his shirt. This would be the only sticker of its kind in the house. He then proceeded to march by Katie, slowed down so she could see his treasure, and then announced:
Ha, ha, Kate! I'm special, and you are not!

Yes, I told him that wasn't a very nice thing to do to his sister. . . and then had to laugh :) Looks like it's going to be another entertaining week!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

All's Quiet on the Candy Front, and Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Shhhhhhhhh, be very quiet. Almost everyone is still asleep, nary a sound of rustling candy wrapper nor plotting trickster. I know some little people who've had lots of fun this weekend. Well, I think the medium sized peep had fun, too, and I'm pretty sure the grownups enjoyed the weekend. The girls are still asleep, as are the "big boys". Poor James isn't sure where he wants to fit into the dynamics of these visits with the cousins. He wants to hang with the medium size boy (age almost 14) but you can only entertain yourself with idol worship for so long. After following Tanner around like an adoring puppy dog for a while, James will get bored and decide to go play with the g-i-r-l-s. My son, the child who once refused to get into the bathtub because Katie's naked Barbies were in it, the child who still does not like to come in contact with the color pink, that child. . . that little boy can't quite keep himself from wanting to know what Katie and Victoria are doing at any given time. It's interesting to watch, because you can almost see the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to decide whether or not to play with the g-i-r-l-s. I'm smiling as I write this, picturing the three of them walking up the sidewalk hand-in-hand-in-hand yesterday afternoon.

P.S. Happy Birthday, William Lee Greer! We hope Uncle Bubby has a wonderful day! Love ya, Bub!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miss PumpkinHead's Last Hurrah

Funky Miss PumpkinHead is enjoying the Halloween weekend!
Trick or treating has come and gone, but the Halloween parade is tonight so the fun isn't over yet.

She's hanging out in my Etsy shop, just click on the pic or the words above to go there.

Now, for us, it's still a busy weekend. Got the niece and nephew visiting. Went trick or treating last night, at least the youngest three went trick or treating. The three grownups and the teenager walked along with them. The poor teenager was almost mortified by the idea of being seen trick or treating at his advanced age of 13. Would've been his last chance, since he'll hit 14 in a few weeks, but he just couldn't do it. Today, the girls are drawing Halloween pictures and practicing soccer kicks. The little boy is getting his Spiderman fix, and the teenager is watching a movie. We'll go into town later and check out the Harvest festival. Tonight, we'll watch the parade, keeping an eye out for the very last float before the horses since Scott & Lisa will be walking with that float. Gotta give them a wave :)
Hope your weekend is a fun one, too!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Look at These Faces, Aren't They Cute??

Well, of course, I think they are beyond adorable, they're my munchkins :)
Lots of fun was had at school yesterday afternoon. Games in the gym (toss the t.p. into the toilet, pin the wart on the witch's nose, you get the idea) and goodies in the classroom (chips and cookies and lots of treat bags to carry home) made for an exciting afternoon for all the kindergarten kiddos and first graders.
James was one of many ninjas roaming the halls yesterday, but they each had a different costume so they all thought it was really coooooool. Kate's SuperGirl had a match in a SuperMan from kindergarten, so she was liking that.
Woohoo, let the Halloween weekend commence!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just to Create, Just to Imagine

One day as I was looking for information, I ran across an article that talked about an island in the Galapagos. It was uninhabited by humans, but explorers quickly discovered that following the giant tortoises on the beach would lead them to sources of fresh water on the island. One look at a picture of those giant tortoises, and you can almost feel the gravity of their presence, the aura of protection and wisdom. This made me think about the tortoise and how it is often represented in religious and spiritual context throughout the world. Suddenly, after seeing those tortoises and picturing myself on that deserted beach looking for fresh water so I could survive the rest of my voyage, I understood on a more visceral level the love of the tortoise. I imagined that if there had been humans inhabiting that island at some point in time, they would have had rituals or ceremonies honoring the tortoise. I even imagined that they might attribute the creation of their island to one of those creatures. . . and the Tortoise Mother was born in my mind. It isn't that much of a stretch, since tortoises and turtles have often been associated with fertility. In fact, you might be able to google "Tortoise Mother" and find she already existed, I don't know. What I know is that I can begin to see why and how there are so many themes and symbols that cross the borders of religion and cultures to spread throughout the world, throughout time. Archetypes, ideas that will not perish because there will always be another person to do what I just did, imagine them into existence yet again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Need a Little Bit of Sunshine?

Here's a bit of sunshine for a Wednesday!

She's a thank-you gift for the welding supply guy, er, for him to give his wife, actually. He was very nice and cut my pound of stainless steel welding rods so I wouldn't have to figure out how to do it. I told him I'd bring a bead for his wife as a "thank you". She likes yellow, so I made her a sunny girl with some abstract flowers and "Sunny Day" written on the back.

It's kind of hard to decide what to make for someone you don't know. If I did florals, I could've just given her a pretty bead with yellow flowers. If I did sets, I could've just given her some sunny yellow rounds. You never know what will touch someone's heart when you sculpt, though. . .everyone has different tastes. Here's hoping this will bring a smile :)

Hey, it's almost trick-or-treat time here, so expect to hear about trunk-or-treating, trick-or-treating, and Halloween parades for the next few days. It is a fun weekend around Centralia (and little bitty Irvington, too).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Wasting" Glass and Putting It into Perspective

You know how I asked you yesterday what you were doing on your Monday? Well, this is what I was doing at the torch-- wasting glass, trying to figure out an idea that kept returning like a pesky fly that won't leave you alone when your hands are too busy to let go and swat it.

Let me just say, despite the crappy torching, the afternoon and evening were fun. We picked up the kiddos, headed to McDonald's so they could play in the playland, stopped by Mr. Bill's for visit (yep, his last name really is Bill, you can guess he's just never heard the SNL skits repeated), and then the kids and I called Grandma on the way home. Oh, and homework was completed without too much of a fuss.

Aha, so to balance out that evening, the day before it just plain sucked shattered glass globs. I had been reading about Geomancy and all its permutations, very interesting. Somewhere, between the book and the internet, I rediscovered nagas, or earth spirits that are part human/part serpent. They have appeared in different cultures, and I couldn't zero in on just one concept. What makes Eastern religions and cultures is so interesting is the plethora of ideas and co-mingling of said ideas; what makes Eastern religions and cultures so hard to learn is the plethora of ideas and co-mingling of said ideas! Anyway, I found a picture of a naga with a lower body like a snake, human upper torso, and a giant hooded snake protecting the head. The picture was very intriguing, the bead when it came out of the kiln was. . . um, not so intriguing. I think I figured out how to do the hooded cobra crown next time, though, and that makes it worth "wasting" glass. Gotta try, gotta experiment, gotta tolerate the duds, or your chances of growing are greatly reduced!

If I were a good girl, I'd go back through this post and give you links to pictures, etc. . .I'll try to remember that later :) Gotta go, time to get peeps ready for school!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Whew! Monday, already?? Tell me all about it!

So, how's your Monday shaping up?
We'll just see about mine in a few minutes, when I meander to the living room to open the shades and then wander on to the kitchen and fix my espresso. . .

What's up with you this fine Monday?
Leave us a comment and tell us about it, why dontcha? Pretty please??

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Forest Fairies?

Such tall, slender maples growing in the backyard! They make me think of forest fairies and mystical creatures when the sun rises, it's golden rays slowly floating down through the leaves. I haven't seen Athena the owl any since the evening I first spotted her and followed her through the trees, finally stopping at the railroad tracks while she swooped gracefully across and into the woods behind the park. Still, I could hear geese talking, their honking conversation wafting along on the cool air currents the morning I took this picture.
There is really nothing new about this picture, except the train isn't on the tracks as it was in the last one I showed you. No, what's in this picture is just a suggestion of the magical light of the sunrise Friday morning. Of course, it eluded the camera. Of course, it changed so quickly that all I could do was snap a few pics and hope for the best. . . turns out that the "best" part was standing outside in the morning stillness and just watching as the sunrise unfolded.
So what's the take-home point of today's entry?
Just because something is repeated (as in this boring post with the same-old, same-old picture) doesn't mean that it won't be different or just as intriguing as the last time it happened (as in beautiful sunrises on cool autumn mornings).
Here's to a "boring," "same-old, same-old" kinda day!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Madonna and Child Statue

"It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old, from angels bending near the Earth, to touch their harps of gold. . . "

My favorite Christmas decorations are the ones that reflect the true spirit of the Christian holiday. It is a beautiful story, from the angels bending near the Earth to the animals we think must have been there by the manger, from the Star of Wonder to the Three Kings following it, from the tiny babe who would become a Saviour to the mother and father who would nurture him.

This Madonna and Child statue was inspired by the Christmas story, my small collection of prints of Madonna and Child, and my best friend from high school who dared to be different and insisted on painting her statue of Mary a beautiful pink instead of the requisite baby blue.

I hope looking at her and the babe brings you a little piece of joy.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Here's a Page Torn from My Workbook

Here's a bit of a "page" of my virtual workbook! I am so excited about the way this figure is coming together! Have to torch some this morning, and kiddos will be home early today, so she might not get her display and pictures just yet. . . but I just had to show you something about her because I'm so excited :)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Peaceful, content. Loved, protected. Cherished.

I have a small collection of pictures of the Madonna and Child, and I love to look at the expressions on the faces. Because the prints are older, the colors are muted softly. My grandmother gave me one of these prints that I treasure. Who knows where it came from before it was stored in her basement? That grandma and grandpa had the outlandish hobby of digging through old dumps they found on drives that took them down backroads. Okay, so either you get it, or you think "gross". I have to admit that I "get it" because in those days there seemed to be plenty of ugly dumps alongside Kentucky's country roads. If you didn't know what to do with that extra junk that has accumulated around the house, haul it off to the dump. Thankfully, times have changed and that isn't such a "normal" practice anymore. Still, there was treasure to be found in those piles of stuff that someone else didn't want anymore. . . if you could get past the thought that critters might have made a home in the junk pile, you might find and then recycle some things. I like re-using more than just plain recycling. Recycling is good, but not as immediately satisfying. I like the thought that I can reuse that cardboard box when I need to wrap a present or send a package. I can think of a few pieces of metal I've snagged from my brother's salvage pile; good to recycle, but even more fun to make something out of them!
Happy Thursday
from Ang,
who is one-step-away-from-being-a-junk-collector-ala-Sanford-&-Son!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Temple Time

Okay, I command you to ignore how old and wrinkled my hand looks in that top picture. I tried to delete it after I saw it, but once again am stumped by technology. Yep, time to slather on the vaseline and cocoa butter. My hands are like a season-barometer of sorts. As soon as summer really makes the turn into fall, they turn super dry. Happens every year, go figure. Anyway, I wanted to show you the temple I made the other day. It's not a squared off one, and I etched it,too. Those things make it a little different from most of the temples I did last fall. What I like is its solidity, the way it seems to stand as a beacon that can't be blown by the wind or dissolved by the rain. It makes me think of entryways and gateways, as if it could be a sentry at the gates of a larger temple. There is a barely perceptible swirl of the green at the center of the dark red top, a hint of spirits and ancestors coming to the surface of the soul when you enter the temple.

Sometimes, I marvel at all the places glass has taken me. . . melting glass in the flame and letting imagination go. . .gotta love creating!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Torchin' We Will Go, ATorchin' We Will Go, HiHothe Studio, A Torchin' We Will Go...

Well, after over half a week of not torching, I was excited to melt some glass yesterday. Got two things started, as well as stopping in time to get cleaned up and go read to Katie's class in the afternoon. I'll bet you'd think someone would be able to do more than two things in a morning, wouldn't you? I worked over an hour on a temple piece, and then about another hour on a long flowing skirt for a figure. Then I realized I wouldn't have time to do the upper body and head, so I begged my muse to be patient one more day! This morning, I find that the two separate pieces are each kinda cool but they don't fit together size/proportion wise. . . and that makes me happy today because now I have two scenes begun, not just one. Ah, can't wait to work some more :)

Pictures aren't loading this morning, so I'll leave you with a link to my gallery pages, just in case you need a beadalina fix:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Send Your Good Thoughts to the Grade School Students

I think I'll say this Buddha is meditating about peacefulness, confidence, and wisdom. . . and sending those good vibes to my kiddos and their friends at school each day this week. Everyone is taking achievement tests, from kindergarten through eighth grade. Oh, I remember those days of number 2 sharpened pencils and filling in the ovals, don't you? I can't imagine that our little school has enough computers for the children to take computerized versions, so there must be lots and lots of filling in of those ovals this week!
How's your Monday evolving?
Mine is going to involve some much needed torching since I haven't melted any glass in almost five days! A little bit of Mommy stuff taking over, and a little bit of "what am I going to make when I do get to the torch" in the mix, too.
So, this will be another short one, guys!
Peace to ya, Ang

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I took this picture Friday morning. Tiptoed outside in the cold, dew soaked grass to get closer to the train tracks. The sky shifted colors from pinks to blues. The train broke the morning silence with a rhythmic rattling and clacking. The cats followed me to the edge of the yard.

Now, it is Sunday morning, and the Katie-munchkin has been awake since 6:30, talking and being my shadow. We've listened to the CD of migratory bird sounds, and laughed again at the puffins. Kate prefers their nickname, sea clowns, because she thinks they look and sound as funny as clowns. It has been a noisier morning than Friday when I tiptoed outdoors into the quiet chill of morning, and my thoughts for you keep wandering and branching out:

  • Sheila Morley, my cyber-soul-sister, is at a show in Michigan today with her Soul Gestures and Boogie Down and Rock the Earth beads. . .and she took some beadalinas with her, too! What a wonderful thing for her to do for me! You can check out her beads on eBay, Etsy,, and her website. Sheila is a true artist, and I love the way she has expanded her interests over the years. . . drawing, sculpting, and glass!
  • A quiet Sunday morning almost always makes me think of Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" for some reason. If you ever listen to the words, it paints a desolate and lonesome picture, but I still like it. I probably like it so much because I'm a sucker for Kris Kristofferson's voice and because the emotion in the song is so raw.
  • Carol, if you happen to read this, I have to tell you about the Tokyo Tower :)
  • Where did all those other thoughts go?? Oh, yeah, James is into the oatmeal for breakfast kick, so I'm hoping it will carry over into the weekday mornings. Both of the kiddos will eat breakfast on the weekends, later in the morning. However, eating breakfast before 8 a.m. just doesn't interest them at all.
  • Hmmm, better get going. Hope your Sunday is a beautiful one!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Afternoon at Eckert's Orchard, Picking Out Our Pumpkins

We couldn't go all the way to James' dentist appointment in Belleville and not swing by Eckert's Orchard Thursday afternoon! We saw giant pumpkins, we saw goats, we petted camels. Yes, camels. . . but I must admit there were lots of kids in front of the camels waiting for a turn to pet them, so I personally didn't get any camel slobber on my hands. I did pet the goats, though. They were so cute. Don't want any, but they sure are cute. Katie fell in love with the pigs. Don't want any of those, either. Do you know how big a pig is when it grows up to be a hog??
Oh, and of course, we got pumpkins! Katie picked the biggest one she could carry, and James scouted out the perfect one for making a spiderweb (what? you thought Spiderman wouldn't pop in here somewhere?). We've already painted faces and spiderwebs on our pumpkins. Next on the agenda is making a pumpkin pie when Mommy remembers to get the ingredients at the grocery. Oooooh, yes, I will be buying the pumpkin in a can. It would be more of a lesson if we cut up a pumpkin and cooked it, I know. . . but I just never have been patient enough to cook the stuff long enough. Crispy pumpkin pie is just not right, ya know?
While I'm writing this, the kiddos are having bowls of oatmeal, another one of our favorites for fall and winter. Don't like regular oatmeal, too mushy, but we love steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill cooked in milk and dressed up with a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon. Mmmmmmmm, good stuff.
Hope your day is filled with golden sunshine and lots of good stuff!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SpaceMan and BeeGirl to the Rescue!

Well, SpaceMan picked out the How to Be a SuperHero book at the book store earlier this afternoon. Wonder of wonders, SpaceMan has been happily sharing his superhero bounty with BeeGirl. . . methinks, it had something to do with needing a sidekick and Katie being the only one available at the time :) But, really, the boy has been busy making out their superhero identity badges, lists of superhero powers and all. I believe BeeGirl has x-ray vision, the power to eat metal, and the ability to read minds. SpaceMan is invincible, can fly, and has superstrength.
There ya have it, the afternoon's adventure in a nutshell!
Hope your day has been a fun one, too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Slice of FiGalina #3

Just a little peek at FiGalina #3. She's a classy Cleopatra with a royal scarab headdress. She's also a big of a mystery for you to figure out. See, a FiGalina is a collaborative creation made by FiG Studios' Michael Mangiafico and myself, AngelinaBeadalina. So far, for #1 and #2, it's been pretty easy to tell who did which part if you know anything about either of our works. Insects that are incredibly detailed and so lifelike you almost jump back from the monitor when you see them? Gotta be done by FiG. Faces and bodies with attitude? Must be AngelinaBeadalina.

Except, this time, it got switched up a bit. Nope, I can tell you right now that I didn't make the scarab. . . if I could do that, I wouldn't be telling you this is a puzzle or mystery, I'd be screaming out loud LOOK AT WHAT I MADE!! Nope, I did my usual upper body and lower body, and Michael did recreated a beadalina style head so he could attach the scarab and send it to me.

So, be on the lookout for FiGalina #3 in my gallery pages and in my Etsy shop. If you'd like to see more of those crazy-real insects, check out

Back to the torch, got a few ideas to melt and sculpt today. . .

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camp Garren in the Living Room

Welcome to Camp Garren, right in the heart of the "wilderness" of the living room! James and Kate really liked the makeshift tent I made Sunday night, so we did it again last night. You know why I'd never done this before now? Because I have a climber and a daredevil! True to form, James climbed on the top of the couch yesterday and slid down the tent, bringing the chair down with him. . . so after many promises and much cajoling last night, Mommy agreed to make another tent as long as it wouldn't be used for circus acrobatics :) As you can see, James is pretty happy with this version. He crawled up into that little shelf of the couch, happy as a clam. Katie has to have her Princesses sleeping bag and Tinkerbell pillow inside the tent.
I think this all beats camping outdoors.

Yeah, go ahead, call me a scrooge, call me a scaredy cat, call me a wimp. . .but I prefer to do my "camping" inside, thank you very much. I like having a real bathroom available. I like having lights and no creepy-crawlies. I think the bathroom is the biggest thing, though. You see, I grew up with access to an outhouse at my grandparents' house, and I am no fan of port-o-potties or squatting in the woods. Been there, done that, been locked in the outhouse! Not to mention, once I'd grown up and thought I'd never have to use an outdoor toilet again, I found myself having to change clothes in an old church outhouse one afternoon. My cousin assured me that we could quickly shed our pantyhose and dresses for more comfortable t-shirts and jeans if we stopped there. Okay, fine. I could handle that. . . until we get inside and she starts telling me about being in there one Sunday and looking up to see a snake crawling along the roof beams! Ah, memories!

Hope your week is starting off well!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Walking a Labyrinth to the Center of Your Soul

Walk within.
That's what this bead beckons you to do as you trace the labyrinth toward the center.
Walk within.
Trace the thoughts, the memories, the emotions that enfold your center.
Walk within.
What will you find?

I'm not sure what to do with this bead. It seems to me to want to be held, to have fingers trace the path of the labyrinth, to have souls soothed in the process.
I'm beginning to think that is my calling in glass, the attempting to connect at soul level, or at least provide a means for someone to find themselves making this connection.
It sounds like a lofty, even arrogant goal, but that's not the way I mean it at all. I have simply come to the conclusion that the most satisfying, meaningful day of torching for me involves distilling some emotion or idea into glass so that a person might pick up that piece of glass ten minutes or ten years from now and sense the message I was trying to capture in the glass.
I think this means I'm getting closer to finding more confidence in my art.
What do you think?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hope, Pearls, and Emerging from Your Shell

Here's a different creation from the other day. I had fun making her, even if I had to hold my breath part of the time and squint in anticipation of the black part exploding! Yes, she's all one piece, and yes, she was a bit of a challenge to keep warm throughout the whole process of adding the black layers.
"Hope" and "Pearl" and "Emerging from her shell" were all comments from other glassy people, and they couldn't have been more on target for what I was trying to portray, so that made me very happy! The inspiration for her came from a painting of Pygmalion standing next to his creation Galatea right before Venus brought the statue to life for him. I was thinking about this story, and about how it would probably be considered fairly sexist in this day and age...I mean, really, a man creating his perfect woman just the way he wants her to be? Doesn't work the other way around, either, we women don't get to create our perfect man. The whole thing got me thinking about how Pygmalion would probably be in for a few learning experiences he didn't expect if his creation came to life in the 21st century. I tend to think Galatea would have a mind of her own and that her individual personality would quickly emerge. In the end, I think this piece speaks to that inner part of each of us that fights to emerge and reveal itself to the world...we all feel the need to grow and emerge, don't we?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Mysterious Messenger

This mystical one is waiting for someone. Could it be you?
Check it out in my Etsy shop, but don't forget to come back here and chat. Ya gotta know the marketing is gonna pop up it's head once in a while, but the glass and the creating are really the reason behind it. . . the more glass you sell, the more chances you'll have to play with glass a while longer, dontcha know!

This particular face is kind of an enigma to me. I can't tell if it is a "he" or a "she", just that whichever it is, it is a mystical character with a glint in the eye and a treasure trove of life experiences to share. Reminds me of Bernice and Lee, two women I spent my days with when I was an activity assistant in a nursing home. Both of those women had been hamstrung by dementia, but traces of the wisdom they had gathered over the years would constantly rise to the surface. . . all I had to do was learn to listen for it. It's been fifteen years since I moved away from there, and as I sit here today, I am having trouble remembering all the details I once knew about their lives. Lee's daughter would often tell me things about her mother, and I really enjoyed getting to know this person her mother was and had become. Thankfully, this did not upset Miriam. In fact, I think it pleased her that I could see so much of her mother, even though this person was no longer the mother she had known most of her life. Ah, Lee in her glasses, rolling her wheelchair alongside me and talking about everything she saw along the way-- I sure did love to spend time with her. Same thing goes for Bernice. Of course, they each had a unique personality, but all of a sudden, I can look back and see how much alike they were. They both had that mystery about them, that wisdom I wanted to help them retrieve so they could share it. . . it would have to be in bits and pieces at a time, that's what dementia does to the mind. I'm sitting here smiling, just remembering those days spent with those elderly treasure troves.
Hope you find a smile today, too, be it from now or way back when :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

James the Ninja

James and Kate got to pick out their Halloween costumes last night. James is so excited about his that he woke up almost an hour before time to get ready for school and immediately asked if he could try on his Ninja costume! He's all about the Ninja poses and swinging that sword, too!
That's part of Kate's SuperGirl costume on the couch. She's pretty excited, but not excited enough to wake up early and wear it before school.
Oh, and the Ninja was in a talkative mood this morning, too. He called Grandma to tell her Happy Birthday, and he talked and talked and talked.
Which reminds me,

May the coming year be filled with all sorts of good things for you!
Love you, AnFaye