Saturday, October 13, 2007

Afternoon at Eckert's Orchard, Picking Out Our Pumpkins

We couldn't go all the way to James' dentist appointment in Belleville and not swing by Eckert's Orchard Thursday afternoon! We saw giant pumpkins, we saw goats, we petted camels. Yes, camels. . . but I must admit there were lots of kids in front of the camels waiting for a turn to pet them, so I personally didn't get any camel slobber on my hands. I did pet the goats, though. They were so cute. Don't want any, but they sure are cute. Katie fell in love with the pigs. Don't want any of those, either. Do you know how big a pig is when it grows up to be a hog??
Oh, and of course, we got pumpkins! Katie picked the biggest one she could carry, and James scouted out the perfect one for making a spiderweb (what? you thought Spiderman wouldn't pop in here somewhere?). We've already painted faces and spiderwebs on our pumpkins. Next on the agenda is making a pumpkin pie when Mommy remembers to get the ingredients at the grocery. Oooooh, yes, I will be buying the pumpkin in a can. It would be more of a lesson if we cut up a pumpkin and cooked it, I know. . . but I just never have been patient enough to cook the stuff long enough. Crispy pumpkin pie is just not right, ya know?
While I'm writing this, the kiddos are having bowls of oatmeal, another one of our favorites for fall and winter. Don't like regular oatmeal, too mushy, but we love steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill cooked in milk and dressed up with a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon. Mmmmmmmm, good stuff.
Hope your day is filled with golden sunshine and lots of good stuff!

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