Sunday, October 28, 2007

All's Quiet on the Candy Front, and Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Shhhhhhhhh, be very quiet. Almost everyone is still asleep, nary a sound of rustling candy wrapper nor plotting trickster. I know some little people who've had lots of fun this weekend. Well, I think the medium sized peep had fun, too, and I'm pretty sure the grownups enjoyed the weekend. The girls are still asleep, as are the "big boys". Poor James isn't sure where he wants to fit into the dynamics of these visits with the cousins. He wants to hang with the medium size boy (age almost 14) but you can only entertain yourself with idol worship for so long. After following Tanner around like an adoring puppy dog for a while, James will get bored and decide to go play with the g-i-r-l-s. My son, the child who once refused to get into the bathtub because Katie's naked Barbies were in it, the child who still does not like to come in contact with the color pink, that child. . . that little boy can't quite keep himself from wanting to know what Katie and Victoria are doing at any given time. It's interesting to watch, because you can almost see the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to decide whether or not to play with the g-i-r-l-s. I'm smiling as I write this, picturing the three of them walking up the sidewalk hand-in-hand-in-hand yesterday afternoon.

P.S. Happy Birthday, William Lee Greer! We hope Uncle Bubby has a wonderful day! Love ya, Bub!

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