Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camp Garren in the Living Room

Welcome to Camp Garren, right in the heart of the "wilderness" of the living room! James and Kate really liked the makeshift tent I made Sunday night, so we did it again last night. You know why I'd never done this before now? Because I have a climber and a daredevil! True to form, James climbed on the top of the couch yesterday and slid down the tent, bringing the chair down with him. . . so after many promises and much cajoling last night, Mommy agreed to make another tent as long as it wouldn't be used for circus acrobatics :) As you can see, James is pretty happy with this version. He crawled up into that little shelf of the couch, happy as a clam. Katie has to have her Princesses sleeping bag and Tinkerbell pillow inside the tent.
I think this all beats camping outdoors.

Yeah, go ahead, call me a scrooge, call me a scaredy cat, call me a wimp. . .but I prefer to do my "camping" inside, thank you very much. I like having a real bathroom available. I like having lights and no creepy-crawlies. I think the bathroom is the biggest thing, though. You see, I grew up with access to an outhouse at my grandparents' house, and I am no fan of port-o-potties or squatting in the woods. Been there, done that, been locked in the outhouse! Not to mention, once I'd grown up and thought I'd never have to use an outdoor toilet again, I found myself having to change clothes in an old church outhouse one afternoon. My cousin assured me that we could quickly shed our pantyhose and dresses for more comfortable t-shirts and jeans if we stopped there. Okay, fine. I could handle that. . . until we get inside and she starts telling me about being in there one Sunday and looking up to see a snake crawling along the roof beams! Ah, memories!

Hope your week is starting off well!


Linda Carol said...

Oh how I miss those days of living room tents! In fact I was working on cleaning the overstuffed linen closet last night and realized that I have so many old sheets and blankets that I really should part with. As I piled them into the discard pile I just kept thinking how perfect all those sheets would be for creating a tent city... it makes them hard to part with! (Yeah I'm a nutter)...But I doubt my 15 and 18 year old will be making tents soon...maybe I'll make myself one and crawl in it with my laptop!

angelinabeadalina said...

Linda, I highly recommend making yourself a tent :) I've been hanging out with them in this one, since it's right beside my desk. We've been reading and drawing by the "campfire" light every night, and it's kinda fun!