Sunday, October 21, 2007

Forest Fairies?

Such tall, slender maples growing in the backyard! They make me think of forest fairies and mystical creatures when the sun rises, it's golden rays slowly floating down through the leaves. I haven't seen Athena the owl any since the evening I first spotted her and followed her through the trees, finally stopping at the railroad tracks while she swooped gracefully across and into the woods behind the park. Still, I could hear geese talking, their honking conversation wafting along on the cool air currents the morning I took this picture.
There is really nothing new about this picture, except the train isn't on the tracks as it was in the last one I showed you. No, what's in this picture is just a suggestion of the magical light of the sunrise Friday morning. Of course, it eluded the camera. Of course, it changed so quickly that all I could do was snap a few pics and hope for the best. . . turns out that the "best" part was standing outside in the morning stillness and just watching as the sunrise unfolded.
So what's the take-home point of today's entry?
Just because something is repeated (as in this boring post with the same-old, same-old picture) doesn't mean that it won't be different or just as intriguing as the last time it happened (as in beautiful sunrises on cool autumn mornings).
Here's to a "boring," "same-old, same-old" kinda day!

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