Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hope, Pearls, and Emerging from Your Shell

Here's a different creation from the other day. I had fun making her, even if I had to hold my breath part of the time and squint in anticipation of the black part exploding! Yes, she's all one piece, and yes, she was a bit of a challenge to keep warm throughout the whole process of adding the black layers.
"Hope" and "Pearl" and "Emerging from her shell" were all comments from other glassy people, and they couldn't have been more on target for what I was trying to portray, so that made me very happy! The inspiration for her came from a painting of Pygmalion standing next to his creation Galatea right before Venus brought the statue to life for him. I was thinking about this story, and about how it would probably be considered fairly sexist in this day and age...I mean, really, a man creating his perfect woman just the way he wants her to be? Doesn't work the other way around, either, we women don't get to create our perfect man. The whole thing got me thinking about how Pygmalion would probably be in for a few learning experiences he didn't expect if his creation came to life in the 21st century. I tend to think Galatea would have a mind of her own and that her individual personality would quickly emerge. In the end, I think this piece speaks to that inner part of each of us that fights to emerge and reveal itself to the world...we all feel the need to grow and emerge, don't we?

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