Thursday, October 18, 2007

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Peaceful, content. Loved, protected. Cherished.

I have a small collection of pictures of the Madonna and Child, and I love to look at the expressions on the faces. Because the prints are older, the colors are muted softly. My grandmother gave me one of these prints that I treasure. Who knows where it came from before it was stored in her basement? That grandma and grandpa had the outlandish hobby of digging through old dumps they found on drives that took them down backroads. Okay, so either you get it, or you think "gross". I have to admit that I "get it" because in those days there seemed to be plenty of ugly dumps alongside Kentucky's country roads. If you didn't know what to do with that extra junk that has accumulated around the house, haul it off to the dump. Thankfully, times have changed and that isn't such a "normal" practice anymore. Still, there was treasure to be found in those piles of stuff that someone else didn't want anymore. . . if you could get past the thought that critters might have made a home in the junk pile, you might find and then recycle some things. I like re-using more than just plain recycling. Recycling is good, but not as immediately satisfying. I like the thought that I can reuse that cardboard box when I need to wrap a present or send a package. I can think of a few pieces of metal I've snagged from my brother's salvage pile; good to recycle, but even more fun to make something out of them!
Happy Thursday
from Ang,
who is one-step-away-from-being-a-junk-collector-ala-Sanford-&-Son!

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