Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miss PumpkinHead's Last Hurrah

Funky Miss PumpkinHead is enjoying the Halloween weekend!
Trick or treating has come and gone, but the Halloween parade is tonight so the fun isn't over yet.

She's hanging out in my Etsy shop, just click on the pic or the words above to go there.

Now, for us, it's still a busy weekend. Got the niece and nephew visiting. Went trick or treating last night, at least the youngest three went trick or treating. The three grownups and the teenager walked along with them. The poor teenager was almost mortified by the idea of being seen trick or treating at his advanced age of 13. Would've been his last chance, since he'll hit 14 in a few weeks, but he just couldn't do it. Today, the girls are drawing Halloween pictures and practicing soccer kicks. The little boy is getting his Spiderman fix, and the teenager is watching a movie. We'll go into town later and check out the Harvest festival. Tonight, we'll watch the parade, keeping an eye out for the very last float before the horses since Scott & Lisa will be walking with that float. Gotta give them a wave :)
Hope your weekend is a fun one, too!

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