Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Mysterious Messenger

This mystical one is waiting for someone. Could it be you?
Check it out in my Etsy shop, but don't forget to come back here and chat. Ya gotta know the marketing is gonna pop up it's head once in a while, but the glass and the creating are really the reason behind it. . . the more glass you sell, the more chances you'll have to play with glass a while longer, dontcha know!

This particular face is kind of an enigma to me. I can't tell if it is a "he" or a "she", just that whichever it is, it is a mystical character with a glint in the eye and a treasure trove of life experiences to share. Reminds me of Bernice and Lee, two women I spent my days with when I was an activity assistant in a nursing home. Both of those women had been hamstrung by dementia, but traces of the wisdom they had gathered over the years would constantly rise to the surface. . . all I had to do was learn to listen for it. It's been fifteen years since I moved away from there, and as I sit here today, I am having trouble remembering all the details I once knew about their lives. Lee's daughter would often tell me things about her mother, and I really enjoyed getting to know this person her mother was and had become. Thankfully, this did not upset Miriam. In fact, I think it pleased her that I could see so much of her mother, even though this person was no longer the mother she had known most of her life. Ah, Lee in her glasses, rolling her wheelchair alongside me and talking about everything she saw along the way-- I sure did love to spend time with her. Same thing goes for Bernice. Of course, they each had a unique personality, but all of a sudden, I can look back and see how much alike they were. They both had that mystery about them, that wisdom I wanted to help them retrieve so they could share it. . . it would have to be in bits and pieces at a time, that's what dementia does to the mind. I'm sitting here smiling, just remembering those days spent with those elderly treasure troves.
Hope you find a smile today, too, be it from now or way back when :)

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