Monday, October 15, 2007

Send Your Good Thoughts to the Grade School Students

I think I'll say this Buddha is meditating about peacefulness, confidence, and wisdom. . . and sending those good vibes to my kiddos and their friends at school each day this week. Everyone is taking achievement tests, from kindergarten through eighth grade. Oh, I remember those days of number 2 sharpened pencils and filling in the ovals, don't you? I can't imagine that our little school has enough computers for the children to take computerized versions, so there must be lots and lots of filling in of those ovals this week!
How's your Monday evolving?
Mine is going to involve some much needed torching since I haven't melted any glass in almost five days! A little bit of Mommy stuff taking over, and a little bit of "what am I going to make when I do get to the torch" in the mix, too.
So, this will be another short one, guys!
Peace to ya, Ang

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