Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Temple Time

Okay, I command you to ignore how old and wrinkled my hand looks in that top picture. I tried to delete it after I saw it, but once again am stumped by technology. Yep, time to slather on the vaseline and cocoa butter. My hands are like a season-barometer of sorts. As soon as summer really makes the turn into fall, they turn super dry. Happens every year, go figure. Anyway, I wanted to show you the temple I made the other day. It's not a squared off one, and I etched it,too. Those things make it a little different from most of the temples I did last fall. What I like is its solidity, the way it seems to stand as a beacon that can't be blown by the wind or dissolved by the rain. It makes me think of entryways and gateways, as if it could be a sentry at the gates of a larger temple. There is a barely perceptible swirl of the green at the center of the dark red top, a hint of spirits and ancestors coming to the surface of the soul when you enter the temple.

Sometimes, I marvel at all the places glass has taken me. . . melting glass in the flame and letting imagination go. . .gotta love creating!

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