Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Torchin' We Will Go, ATorchin' We Will Go, HiHothe Studio, A Torchin' We Will Go...

Well, after over half a week of not torching, I was excited to melt some glass yesterday. Got two things started, as well as stopping in time to get cleaned up and go read to Katie's class in the afternoon. I'll bet you'd think someone would be able to do more than two things in a morning, wouldn't you? I worked over an hour on a temple piece, and then about another hour on a long flowing skirt for a figure. Then I realized I wouldn't have time to do the upper body and head, so I begged my muse to be patient one more day! This morning, I find that the two separate pieces are each kinda cool but they don't fit together size/proportion wise. . . and that makes me happy today because now I have two scenes begun, not just one. Ah, can't wait to work some more :)

Pictures aren't loading this morning, so I'll leave you with a link to my gallery pages, just in case you need a beadalina fix:

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