Monday, October 8, 2007

Walking a Labyrinth to the Center of Your Soul

Walk within.
That's what this bead beckons you to do as you trace the labyrinth toward the center.
Walk within.
Trace the thoughts, the memories, the emotions that enfold your center.
Walk within.
What will you find?

I'm not sure what to do with this bead. It seems to me to want to be held, to have fingers trace the path of the labyrinth, to have souls soothed in the process.
I'm beginning to think that is my calling in glass, the attempting to connect at soul level, or at least provide a means for someone to find themselves making this connection.
It sounds like a lofty, even arrogant goal, but that's not the way I mean it at all. I have simply come to the conclusion that the most satisfying, meaningful day of torching for me involves distilling some emotion or idea into glass so that a person might pick up that piece of glass ten minutes or ten years from now and sense the message I was trying to capture in the glass.
I think this means I'm getting closer to finding more confidence in my art.
What do you think?

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