Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Wasting" Glass and Putting It into Perspective

You know how I asked you yesterday what you were doing on your Monday? Well, this is what I was doing at the torch-- wasting glass, trying to figure out an idea that kept returning like a pesky fly that won't leave you alone when your hands are too busy to let go and swat it.

Let me just say, despite the crappy torching, the afternoon and evening were fun. We picked up the kiddos, headed to McDonald's so they could play in the playland, stopped by Mr. Bill's for visit (yep, his last name really is Bill, you can guess he's just never heard the SNL skits repeated), and then the kids and I called Grandma on the way home. Oh, and homework was completed without too much of a fuss.

Aha, so to balance out that evening, the day before it just plain sucked shattered glass globs. I had been reading about Geomancy and all its permutations, very interesting. Somewhere, between the book and the internet, I rediscovered nagas, or earth spirits that are part human/part serpent. They have appeared in different cultures, and I couldn't zero in on just one concept. What makes Eastern religions and cultures is so interesting is the plethora of ideas and co-mingling of said ideas; what makes Eastern religions and cultures so hard to learn is the plethora of ideas and co-mingling of said ideas! Anyway, I found a picture of a naga with a lower body like a snake, human upper torso, and a giant hooded snake protecting the head. The picture was very intriguing, the bead when it came out of the kiln was. . . um, not so intriguing. I think I figured out how to do the hooded cobra crown next time, though, and that makes it worth "wasting" glass. Gotta try, gotta experiment, gotta tolerate the duds, or your chances of growing are greatly reduced!

If I were a good girl, I'd go back through this post and give you links to pictures, etc. . .I'll try to remember that later :) Gotta go, time to get peeps ready for school!

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