Monday, November 26, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrr...Back to the Flatlands and Winter

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Good chilly morning! We just returned to the flatlands after a trip to Florida and Kentucky, and let me tell ya, it's just tooooooooo cold up here in the Midwest. Well, not really, it's typical early winter dreary and cold weather but it's not too bad-- unless you've just spent half a week in Florida where it was sunny and at least 70 every day. We got lucky with our trip. The kiddos got to get in the unbelievably neat waterslides at the Nick Hotel, we didn't get rained on at Disney, and the cousins in Tampa had plenty of room for playing indoors when it did rain on Thanksgiving Day.

Oh, and yesterday, the Greer family had a big turnout at Grandma and Granddaddy's. The four "boys" were all there with their wives, and lots of cousins were there with their families (including one of Uncle Major and Aunt Marianne's to represent the fifth brother). Let me just shout this out because I don't think she ever thought she'd be called Grandma herself: Barbara Ann is a Grandma to lovely little Gracie! Lisa was already a grandma, but it's somehow more fun to tease "Barbie" just a bit since she's the oldest of all the cousins :)

The kiddos are back to school today, Ricky's back to work, and I am playing domestic goddess catchup while also trying to update a few things online. The sculpture in this picture just got added to my gallery pages at, and I have a winner for the Woman Emerging sculpture. Gotta get movin', but I'm sure to have stories to tell as the week goes on!

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