Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Come to Your Senses

Pear peel feels just like a worn out piece of coarse sandpaper. Can't you just feel the outlines marking where the large grains were? Bite into it. The gritty peel scrapes across your tongue. The tart sweetness of the pear juice can't disguise the coarseness of the cream colored flesh.

Twist two pieces of copper wire together. Leaves smudges of metal goop on your fingers, as if you'd played at erasing the marks of a fat first grade pencil. Twisting, wrapping hands over and under, coiling soft metal. Sometimes the bends are tight against each other, sometimes you relax for a second and the bends become swooping loops.

Woven silk scarf in dusk colors. Deepened sunset sky with dark purple clouds. Let it float and billow as you drop it onto the table for a background. Imagine yards and yards of silk flowing across your room, creating a river of colors.

Come to your senses.
Savor the world around you.

This moment inspired by my "baby" cousin Bobby, a grown man with a toddler and a wife carrying the next one. He asked me where I find joy. My first answer was a gesture; I pointed to James and Katie as they were hunting for a missing toy in the living room. My second answer was "glass". Here is my third answer, now that a few days have passed and I've contemplated the possible depth of that question. Where do I find joy? I find joy in being, joy in creating, joy in sharing those tiny discoveries with others. I find joy in the dark blue pools that are James' eyes, joy in the much paler and grayer blue lakes that are Katie's eyes, and joy in being able to investigate those nuances. I find joy in grabbing the camera on a cold morning and heading to the backyard, joy in listening to the birds in the distance and hoping they will light in a tree near me, and joy in realizing even the bushy-tailed squirrels are hiding from me and the cold on a day like this. I find joy in choosing a tiny gift for my sister, joy in imagining how the thought behind a fairly inexpensive gift will make it a treasured one, and joy in having the opportunity to choose.

I think I shall try to remember these things more often.

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