Thursday, November 29, 2007

Digital Discord-- My Camera and My Laptop Just Had an Argument

Please, enjoy the picture because apparently my digital camera and my laptop computer just had a fight and are no longer speaking to one another!

The picture is James and Katie demonstrating their penguin waddle. They're pretty good at it, too, cracks me up every time :) There's nothing like quietly cooking supper in the kitchen and being startled by the sound of shuffling feet as the two "penguins" come waddling through at high speed. Last time we went to the St. Louis Zoo, we got the shivers walking through the chilly penguin abode, but we also got the giggles. The humans might be shivering as they enter the chilled building, but it still isn't quite as cool as some penguins would like. Apparently, the little guy flapping his wings was standing over the air conditioning vent so he could get cooled off! Too funny, sort of like a penguin version of Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate.

Now, as for the digital discord in this house, I do hope it's just a minor spat and not a digital divorce! I am spoiled by the speed and portability of my laptop compared to the virtual dinosaur desktop. . .and I even took disposable cameras on vacation last week instead of subjecting my camera-baby to possible mishaps.

Even as I type this, there is a running discussion at LE about being clumsy. Oh, yeah, you know I chimed in-- I'm a clutz and not afraid to admit it. Actually, wouldn't matter whether or not I wanted to admit it, everybody already knows! Bumped my head while straightening the bunk beds not too long ago. Always walking into the wall when going around corners. Effortlessly able to trip over my own two feet. . .wait a second, how did the discussion go from digital discord to clutziness? Oh, right, talking about not subjecting my camera-baby to possible mishaps. Yeah, things just happen to me.

Well, guess I better go bumble my way through the rest of the day :)

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