Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mum's the Word!

The word for today is chrysanthemums. The pictures for today are from my mom and dad's yard. The feeling for today is quite literally f-r-o-s-t-y! It was a whopping 23 degrees Fahrenheit this morning in Irvington, Illinois, and that was after the sun started rising. Who knows just how cold it was in the dark, still hours of morning before sunrise!

I read some tips about writing blogs the other day, and the one that struck me was that you should limit the number of words you write because people don't really want to read much. You know me, that just doesn't seem right! However, got lots on the Mommy/DomesticGoddess/GlassArtist agenda today, so I think I'll practice what "they" were preaching and just leave you with those lovely mum pictures for today :)
TaTaForNow, Ang

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