Thursday, November 8, 2007

Personalized Gift Charms/Tags for the Holidays

I've been thinking. . .and yes, William, dear little brother, I know that is a dangerous thing :)
I've been thinking about adding a listing for personalized gift charms to my Etsy shop. I like for each AngelinaBeadalina creation to be a unique-can't-find-another-one-like-it-anywhere glass goodie, but I really do need my own version of earrings to sell.
What do earrings have to do with this discussion, you ask? Well, lots of jewelry and glass peeps will tell you that earrings are a very good moneymaker. They don't cost as much as a bigger, more complicated piece, so people will often "treat" themselves to this relatively inexpensive item while they just look at the more expensive glass art. Those "little" sales add up quickly, and everyone feels like they got a good deal-- the consumer got goodies from you without blowing their holiday budget, and you got a bit of money to buy more glass.
I just can't seem to do earrings, though. . .too little, too necessary to make them match, and I can't wear them so I never know if my attempts are acceptable or not. Aha, but I do love to write with glass stringer, and I love decorating gifts, so why not try personalized gift charms as my "earrings"?? Hmmmm, whaddya think?

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Anonymous said...

Nice post you got there. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Next time for mother's day I think of giving my mother a personalized gift basket for her next birthday. I am sure that will surprise her. This personalized gift idea simply fascinates me.